Why Should Independent Seniors Consider Medical Alert Devices?

Updated 7/13/17 11:43am | According to the Administration on Aging, about 28% of seniors live alone. Not all seniors have somebody to care for them, so who comes to their aid during an accident?

Slips and falls happen unexpectedly, so it's important to be ready for an emergency at any time. This is when a medical alert comes into play.

Seniors should consider medical alert systems because they help them stay independent and safe. Medical alerts allow independent seniors to live life to the fullest with peace of mind.


Medical Alerts Keep Independent Seniors in Their Lifelong Home

Would you want to leave the home you have lived in for years? Probably not. But it's common for family members to send their aging loved ones to assisted living.

This doesn't have to be the case if you have a medical alert. Medical alerts can help you live a longer and happier life because you will: 

  • Age in place in your lifelong home. Aging in place means to stay in your home as long as possible. A medical alert ensures that you are always protected, and can keep living peacefully at home.
  • Avoid the cost of assisted living. Assisted living is one of the most expensive alternatives when you age. Plus, most seniors don't like the idea of living among strangers in an unfamiliar place.

    Living at home with a medical alert is a great way to save money while you age in place in the comfort of your home.
  • Create a senior-friendly home. A medical alert is always by your side, but you must still prevent accidents. That's why it's important to have a have a senior-friendly home.

    The last thing you want is for an accident to occur. A medical alert will motivate you to do small renovations at home. This makes your home safe and keeps you independent.
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Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

happy family with peace of mind

Why else should independent seniors consider a medical alert? The answer is simple, you and your family get peace of mind.

At Alert1, we don't only provide members with medical alert devices, we provide a promise to keep you safe.

Our medical alerts give you and your family peace of mind by ensuring you will:

  • Live without fear. Our PAX Plus help pendant has leading fall detection technology will sense your fall, and call for help fast. Even if are knocked unconscious, the pendant will send help your way.

    With GPS technology, it pinpoints your exact location and notifies emergency responders.
  • Live independently and depend less on your family. As you age, it's common for your family's concerns about you to increase. Although they have good intentions, they don't always need to be checking in on you.

    Some independent seniors get irritated by this, and others feel like a burden. Whatever the reason is, a medical alert allows family to take a step back, and have peace of mind.
  • Never be alone with your medical alert by your side. Accidents happen when you least expect them, and you need to be ready. If you have an emergency, all you need to do is push your help button and you will be connected Alert1's Command Center.

    The operator will assess the situation and send help from your personal Circle of Care responders list. The operator will stay on the line until help arrives, ensuring you are never alone.

A Medical Alert Lets Independent Seniors Live Life to the Fullest

grandpa and grandson

So you've finally reached retirement, but now what? Aging in place is great leisure, but you need to live your golden years in the best way possible.

A medical alert helps independent seniors partake in more activities than before. You can:

  • Travel anywhere in the United States. With your PAX mobile medical alert, you can embark on new adventures and cross off items on your bucket list.

    You have earned a much needed vacation and should not let age stop you from having fun. The mobile medical alert works anywhere in the US, so knock out those items on your bucket list.
  • Sign up for activities at your local senior center. As you age, it's important to keep up with exercise. It helps you maintain independence by keeping your muscles and reflexes intact.

    Your local senior center has many activities that are fun and help you stay strong. The best part about your PAX fall detection pendant is that you can use it on the go by clipping it to your belt. This means you'll be protected and don’t have to slow down.
  • Spend more quality time with your grandchildren. Don't let age restrict you from getting out of the house with family. The PAX Plus mobile medical alert works anywhere you want to go.

    So whether it's a day spent at the zoo or at your local park, you will be present with your grandchildren. 
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Independence Lets You Make the Most of Your Golden Years

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Medical alert systems keep you safe and independent. They should be by every senior's side because of all the benefits they provide.

Medical alerts help you age in place, provide peace of mind, and let you live your golden years to the fullest.

At Alert1, it's our top priority to keep you safe. The happiness you receive is an extra benefit that comes with our promise.

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