What You Need to Know About Medical Alert Devices with GPS

If you use mobile alert systems, you’re using medical alert devices with GPS. This technology allows a call center or emergency service to locate users in the case of an accident. When you press the button on your Alert1 on-the-go medical alert device, the system uses a combination of GPS, cellular data, and Wi-Fi connectivity to locate your exact position. This allows services to reach you as quickly as possible, decreasing the chance for severe injury.

We know that a lot of folks are wary about allowing companies to use their location data. We understand this concern – from social media sites to cell phone use, there are many ways that location information can be extracted and used by private entities. That’s why we at Alert1 will never retain your location data, even after you press your on-the-go button.

Unfortunately, not all medical alert devices with GPS guarantee this privacy. Below, we’ll tell you about what to watch out for, as well as why location privacy should be important to seniors. 

Keeping Yourself – and Your Data – Safe

Data privacy is one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century. Many commonly used applications, from social media to certain Internet browsers, track and store a user’s location. Often, this location data is sold to companies. These companies can then create advertise products based on where you live and work. But, more importantly, this type of data collection and storage violates a person’s privacy.

However, some devices and applications require your location in order to work. This is certainly true of services like Uber and food delivery, but it is also true of on-the-go medical alert systems. If you trigger your alarm button while at the grocery store, it will be nearly impossible for emergency services to know where you are without GPS technology.

When it comes to a medical alert systems that use GPS, users should look for companies who offer transparency. Many medical alert companies do not disclose what they do with your location data after you press your alarm button. This makes it very hard to know where your information goes.

By contrast, Alert1 understands that data privacy is essential for a lot of seniors. When you use our systems, you can rest assured that your location information will never be shared or sold. In fact, we don’t even store your location when you press your button. We will simply connect you to the care you need, then delete all location data associated with your call. Not all medical alert devices with GPS do this, but it is important for user privacy. 

Alert1 Systems Respect Your Privacy

Alert1 is one of the only medical alert companies to disclose what happens with GPS data after an on-the-go device is triggered. We hope this transparency helps to win your confidence. After all, bringing a device into your home, or wearing one around your neck, requires a certain amount of trust. In addition to this information about our medical alert devices with GPS, please note that we will always charge a fair price, and we will never lock you into a long-term contract.

Depending on a medical alert system means you should know as much about your device as possible. This is exactly what Alert1 strives to do.