How Do ADT Medical Pendants Stack Up Against Alert1?

If you’re shopping around for medical alert systems, you’re likely familiar with the ADT pendant. The company’s “Medical Alert Basic,” their simplest package, looks a lot like the at-home Alert1 system. It includes a home station, a pendant button, and a watch button. Press the button on any device to be connected, through your landline, to a monitoring center. The basics look very similar to Alert1, but there are a few key differences you should know about. 

Comparison shopping is an important part of buying a medical alert pendant. You won’t know what you need until you understand what’s available. If you’re deciding between Alert1 and ADT medical pendants, this guide will help bring you closer to a final decision..

If you’re deciding between Alert1 and ADT medical alert systems, the below comparison grid will show you how Alert1 stacks up compared to many top brands in the industry. Whether you want to save money or need a versatile medical alert device, Alert1 is the better option.

  Alert1  Life Alert  Lifeline Medical Guardian Bay Alarm Mobile Help 
Home Annual Prices Starting At /mo¹
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$69.90/mo² $29.95/mo³ $24.45/mo4 $19.95/mo5 $22.95/mo6
No Long-Term Contract Required
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Nationwide Coverage

UL ListedMonitoring center 

Stay on the LineWe stay on the phone until help arrives

Multilingual ProtectionResponders speak over 190 different languages
 Not Listed
Not Listed

Same Day Shipping
For 85% or more of orders

Verizon Service Available for On-the-Go Devices

Thayer CertifiedSafe, fair working environment

HIPAA Compliant
TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Center Ensures that each center meets only the highest standards


Pacemaker Safe Buttons

Online Troubleshooting Guides

No Charges for False Alarms
  Not Listed


Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get your medical alert with Alert1

Alert1 members prioritize three features and experiences in their medical alert systems: they don’t like hidden costs, they don’t like long-term contracts, and they can’t stand bad customer service. Alert1 has distinguished itself in all three categories – through a Thayer Certification, a generous refund policy, and a TMA 5 Diamond Certification.

Service and Cost Matter

Cost is among the most important factors when it comes to deciding between medical alert pendants. While ADT pendants are more affordable than other providers, the basic package is still more expensive than Alert1 offerings. This is an important consideration for our members, many of whom live on fixed incomes and stick to strict budgets.

ADT pendants are also waterproof and guarantee professional monitoring and a fast emergency response time. Alert1 offers those services, too, but at a fraction of the price.  

Get Great Service at a Fair Price with Alert1

Alert1 designs medical alert pendants with a range of senior lifestyle in mind. Whether you’re happy as a homebody or prefer to spend your days walking around the nearby park, we have a medical alert system to suit your needs. All of our devices are fairly priced, and we have a range of flexible payment options. We want you to have the service you need at a price you can afford.

We know that medical alert systems are often preemptive purchase. In the simplest terms, you won’t know the true value of your pendant until you experience an accident. That said, we want users to access the best service at the fairest prices available. Considering an ADT pendant? Choose Alert1 instead.  




¹Pricing of Alert1 annual service plans. Medical alert comparisons and pricing are based on standard rates, temporary promotions may apply, offers subject to change. 
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²Life Alert  website accessed on 6/1/2021. Information updated quarterly. Life Alert  is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.
³Monthly fee for Lifeline  depends on user location and options. Lifeline  website accessed 6/1/2021. Information updated quarterly. Lifeline  is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
4Medical Guardian © website accessed on 6/1/2021. Information updated quarterly. Copyright © Medical Guardian, LLP ©. All Rights Reserved.
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6MobileHelp website accessed on 6/1/2021. Information updated quarterly. MobileHelp is a registered trademark of Integrity Tracking, LLC.
Alert1 offers multiple payment plans so you can choose the service that best meets your needs for price and flexibility. Our members are never locked into a multi-year contract. You may cancel your service at any time, without any cancellation charges.
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