The Best Medical Alert System Reviews

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When seniors and family caregivers begin their search for medical alert devices, they quickly discover there are several available options. One of the most common ways to choose between competing medical alert providers is to consult online reviews. Without a doubt, these reviews are helpful—and it’s no coincidence that Alert1 is featured in every one—but they can be most helpful by recognizing the type and the source of that review.

It’s also helpful to know where you are in the process of shopping for medical alerts. If you’re just starting out and not even sure you’re going to buy one yet, it may be more helpful at first to learn about the protection and resources offered by medical alert technology generally. Once you’ve learned about medical alert call centers and fall detection devices, it becomes easier to recognize their value and to choose the best provider for your needs and budget.

The biggest reason so many people choose Alert1 is the combination of a reliable, responsive Command Center and affordable monthly costs with no long-term commitment. Yet, as you’ll see, this is far from the only quality we’re known for. From our expansive cellular coverage area to our multi-lingual call center support, we are featured in many of the best reviews for medical alert devices and systems.

Learn about the different types of reviews as part of your search, while also determining whether an Alert1 medical alert system is right for you and your family.

Medical Alert Company List Reviews

These reviews often give a cursory introduction to the medical alert industry, before listing the biggest and best-known companies. These types of reviews are especially helpful if you’re confident that you’re going to buy a system, but still relatively new to the technology itself and not sure what to look for. This can help narrow your search and compare industry standards to individual companies. This guide from Paying for Senior Care is one good example of this type of list review. 

Complete Guides to Medical Alert Products

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This type of review includes a more in-depth analysis of the medical alert industry, as well as individual profiles and company ratings. These reviews help you understand what you may want in a system and then where to find the right provider for these personal needs and preferences. Of course, some systems are more customizable than others, allowing them to serve and adapt to a wider range of needs. This is another big reason Alert1 is an industry leader for medical alerts. Consider this verdict from the online resource Aging In Place: “Alert1 offers easy-to-use devices that will put you in touch with a call center, but it stands out in the industry by offering a wide range of extras on an à la carte basis, and by offering some of the most economical packages in the industry while offering flexible terms and maintaining a solid record of customer satisfaction.”

Many of these comprehensive reviews also offer multiple recommendations based on what type of system you’re looking for or specific qualities. As part of their complete guide to medical alerts, The Senior List gives us top marks for Best Cellular Coverage—a critical component of most types of medical alert systems—while also featuring our low monthly costs, free shipping and activation, and our option to add fall detection technology. 

Medical Alert Company Profile Reviews

Rather than side-by-side comparisons, some online review sites will also publish individual company profiles on dedicated webpages. This information can be helpful if you’re looking for more complete information about a company you’re actively considering. These resources can provide something of a final evaluation to make sure there are no surprises. If you’re still looking for more information about Alert1 from third-party sources, check out these featured profiles.

When you’re ready, you can order online or contact us at any time to start setting up your system.