Prepping for Summer Fun: Are You Ready?

If you want to have a fun and activity-filled summer this year, make sure you’re prepared. Whether it be for that tropical vacation you’ve been longing to go on, or for those brisk nighttime walks around the neighborhood, you need to be ready for all that summer has in store for you.


Girl swimming in a lake


Summer is undoubtedly the best season of the year, but if you plan to have fun you need to follow a few simple guidelines. Continue reading to see how you can make use of those extra warm, extra-long summer days, or better yet, those cool summer nights.

Plan a Vacation

Have you saved all up all your vacation hours? Now is the prime time to use them. What better way to celebrate the wonderful weather than by basking in it, beachside? If your hometown is too hot or humid to bear or if you just want a change of scenery, it’s time to take a vacation. Did someone say Hawaii? Aloha!

Hawaii sunset

When planning your vacation, don’t forget to check out sites such as Groupon or LivingSocial for package deals. While traveling may not be their expertise, they are experts about bargains. These bargain shopping websites know a good deal when they see one. Their affiliations with world-renowned resorts allow them to offer quality packages with deep discounts and no hidden surprises. Just make sure you carefully review their blackout dates to ensure you don’t accidently plan a vacation you can’t attend. 

If you want to book your lodging and flight separately, Google Flights is an excellent tool. Google will compile all the available flights from every airline in real-time so you can compare and choose the best airfare. 

Keep Your House Cool

Some would say that they love summer because of the warm weather. Others dread the summer because of the weather. It’s completely understandable—if your house is not adequately prepared for the coming heatwave, then summertime can seem more like misery-time.


Man cooling himself off with water


If you don’t already own an air conditioning unit, never fear, because there is a way to keep your home cool without an A/C. How? By making smart decisions such as keeping all windows and doors sealed tight with insulating strips and turning off unused electronics.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating strips make a huge difference in keeping your home cool. But wouldn’t insulating strips trap all the hot air in? Heavens, no! What these insulating strips do is keep hot air out.

Your home naturally gets cooler as the sun goes down, and maintains its cool temperature throughout the night. By keeping your entryways insulated, you keep more of that cool air in when the sun comes back up the next morning. It’s much easier to keep a cool house cool than to cool down an already warm house. Just remember to keep those doors shut.

Turn Off Unused Electronics

Another method to keeping your home cool is to turn off electronics that produce heat. I was guilty of leaving my TV on ‘as background noise’ and was always baffled with how hot my room was. Then, I walked past my TV and felt the wave of heat radiating from the screen. It was slowly but surely raising the temperature in my room using only its screen. It essentially was acting as a heat dish.

If you leave the light on or your computer is always running, you can expect that room to have a higher temperature than the rest of the house. But hey, since it’s summer, maybe we should consider turning off the electronics and enjoy the outdoors. 

Deck Out the Backyard

Speaking of the outdoors, when was the last time you enjoyed some time in your backyard? Prepare your backyard for all the fun outdoor activities that you can’t do the rest of the year.

Summertime means barbeque, lemonade, and frolicking in the sprinklers. It’s not uncommon to see kids running through the sprinklers in an attempt to keep cool. Why not put a twist on an old tradition by creating your own waterpark?


Kids on homemade Slip'n Slide

Soak in the admiration and applause when you reveal your homemade Slip’N Slide. With a few simple ingredients like tarp and soap, you can create your own ultra-cool, ultra-long water slide that everyone is bound to love. Some people even upgraded their design to mimic a kickball field to add another element of fun to the mix.

Make Use of the Summer Nights

Some things are just better at night. Maximize your fun this summer by engaging in some nighttime activities. There are plenty of options to engage in besides taking a brisk stroll. Have you ever laid in the lawn and stargazed? Or relaxed in a hammock next to the fire pit? If not, now is the time. We’re not always blessed with warm evenings, so get some much needed R&R while the weather is still nice.


Bonfire on the beach


If you yearn for more active things to do, the options are endless. You can also go to the drive-ins, catch fireflies, go for a nighttime dip, make s’mores over a fire, go to the county fair, make a bonfire on the beach, or bring a blanket and lie on the grass at an outdoor concert. The world is your oyster. 

Summertime Fun

There’s no time quite like the summertime. Spring isn’t bad, because the flowers are blooming. And sure, fall has its good qualities too. And don’t get me wrong about the winter—who doesn’t love the holiday season? But summer will always have a special place in my heart.

What other time can you buy a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade from the neighborhood kids or attend a block party?  Enjoy this summer, folks! And remember to keep cool.


Lemons and lemonade