Non-Age-Related Reasons Why You May Need a Medical Alert Device

Alert1 Medical ID Bracelet
A medical alert device is a crucial piece of an emergency response kit. That said, some seniors might find comfort in an additional tool: a medical ID bracelet. These bracelets can provide life-saving information to bystanders and first responders in the case of an emergency. But why are these identifiers important? And how do you get one? Below, we’ve answered some common questions about medical ID bracelets, as well as why combining this identification tag with a medical alert device can provide optimum safety.

What is a medical ID bracelet?

These identifiers are designed to provide essential medical information about the wearer. The tags are worn on a bracelet or a neck chain, and they include a message that the wearer has a medical condition that may require assistance or attention. Tags are often made of steel or silver and worn in a visible place to make this essential information more accessible. The contained information generally includes the relevant medical condition, the person’s name, and an important phone number, like that of a physician or caregiver. 

What is the purpose of a medical ID bracelet?

These bracelets are designed to alert first responders, such as emergency medical services, emergency medical responders, or bystanders, to the condition. In some emergencies, the wearer is unable to explain their condition. They may be unconscious, unable to speak, or too injured to communicate the important information. In putting the information on a piece of jewelry, a person trying to help will have more context for the emergency. 

Why should I wear a medical ID bracelet?

Medication Can Cause Alarming Side Affects

The information included on medical ID bracelets can be essential to receiving proper treatment. In some cases, it can provide an explanation for the emergency event, such as a seizure or heart attack. In other cases, it can help medical professionals provide appropriate medical treatment. 

Who needs a medical ID bracelet?

Medical ID bracelets are used for a variety of conditions. Some of the most common include epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, anaphylaxis allergies, hypoglycemia, memory disorders, and cardiovascular illnesses. However, even less debilitating conditions, like anemia and pacemakers, may require a medical ID bracelet. If you’re curious about whether you should be wearing one of these IDs, talk to your doctor. 

Where can I get a medical ID bracelet?

Medical ID bracelets are widely available. Alert1 provides medical ID bracelets in a variety of sizes. Ours are made of stainless steel and have a stretch band, making them both comfortable and sleek. Users can include their medical information inside a panel, which opens and closes to ensure patient privacy. The bracelets also prominently display a red star-of-life emblem, making them instantly recognizable to first responders. 

Do I need a medical alert device if I have a medical ID bracelet?

Discussing Medical Alerts With A Doctor

Yes, if you have a condition that requires wearing a medical ID bracelet, you should also wear a medical alert device. These conditions can cause various emergency events – from experiencing seizures or getting lost to falling and losing consciousness. In all of these cases, a medical alert device can improve the situation.