Heroes of Your Golden Years

Heroes of Your Golden Years

Heroes take many forms.  As children, we often look up to fantastic role models.  I remember falling in love with comic books, staring intently and with wonderment at each colorful panel, watching superheroes like Batman speed through the night in his Batmobile in search of the criminal denizens that put a blight on Gotham City, or such paragons as Superman who had x-ray vision and heat vision, flight, the strength to lift 2 billion tons, super speed, and invulnerability which he used to save the world. 

I soon started dressing up as these characters for Halloween and playing with their poseable action figures. I adored heroes such as the Flash, who ran at the speed of light; Spiderman, who could shoot spider webs from his hands to climb walls; and Aquaman, who could breathe underwater and control the creatures of the sea.  I had such a wonderful time emulating these superheroes, dressing up and running around the house as I pretended to save the day and the world.  

Movies began to play a larger role in my view of what it meant to be a “hero” as I grew a bit older. I recall with amazement watching Star Wars, a New Hope, where Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker fought to save the galaxy from the Imperial Army and the wrath of Darth Vader using swords of energy called light sabers and wielding the very power of all things represented by the Force.  There were exciting chase scenes, space battles, aliens of all types, and whole worlds to be explored, opening up my mind to the possibilities of my own imagination. Later films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, with its dashing hero Indiana Jones thwarting his enemies using his superior wit and abilities, only gave me more inspiration.

My appreciation for music and the musicians who performed it also grew during these formative years.  I grew up in a musical household where my father would listen to vinyl records from such artists as the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles.  I used to sing along with some of the songs while I was playing with Star Wars action figures on the hardwood floor.  However, it wasn’t until my brother brought home an album from the shock rock group Kiss that I truly bought into the power of music and showmanship and the impact it can have on one’s life.  In my eyes, the members of Kiss were like superheroes, each with his own identity.  There was the Star Struck Lover, the Cat Man, the Space Man, and the Demon.  They wore kabuki makeup and costumes and could fly, breathe fire, and shoot rockets from their guitars. Even the drum set levitated.  Their identities were kept secret from the public, just like my comic book heroes, and I didn’t even know what the musicians looked like until I was much older. Those early days of Kiss blew my mind and I recall drawing pictures of them with my Crayola Crayons and wishing I could be in the band.

As I hit my teen years, I began taking an interest in sports.  Baseball was my first love.  I listened to AM radio so I could hear all the Pittsburgh Pirates broadcasts.  I really started following them in 1981 or 1982 and there were still players from their 1979 Championship Team such as Willie Stargell, John Candelaria, Omar Moreno, Kent Tekulve, and Dave Parker.  These men became my idols, and when I joined little league at the age of 9, I used to imagine that I was Willie, with my big loping swing aiming to knock in home runs.  

Football soon followed and since my family was a bunch of crazed Steelers fans, I became swept up in the frenzy.  I remember watching the 1980 Superbowl and I dreaming that I could one day be like Quarterback Terry Bradshaw, throwing the long bomb downfield to the adulation of the crowd.  When I got older, I did end up playing football, and although I never did play quarterback, those Steelers teams of the early 80’s with their great players certainly did inspire me.

As a middle-aged man, I now look back on those years and those heroes fondly. I still love film, music, and art, and I will even pick up a comic book now and again, but I also know that while these heroes of a bygone youth were important, they pale in comparison to the real heroes of the world.  As an adult, I’ve come to realize that true heroes are those who save lives and bring more tomorrows together.

Medical Alert Systems: The Tools of the Hero Trade

Superman would not be able to save the world without his superpowers, Batman could not protect Gotham if his gadgets consistently failed him, Luke and Obi Wan could not save the galaxy if they could not harness the power of the Force, and Kiss could not rock the world quite as hard if the mystique of their hidden identities was unmasked.  This also holds true for the highly trained agents at Alert1’s top-rated monitoring center.  These professional operators are dedicated to providing the best emergency response and service to you or your loved ones, 24/7/365.  If there is an emergency and the help button on one of our Medical Alert Systems is pressed, an agent will not only respond in seconds, but will also stay on the line with you or your loved one until help arrives. These heroes ensure that no one ever faces an emergency alone.

Our World Needs Heroes

There are many people in need of heroes, and many lives that need saving.  There are an estimated 3 million American seniors that own medical alert devices.[1] The number of users should actually be much higher.  In the United States, 130 million Americans visit the Emergency Room each year.[2]  Of those, 16.2 million people are admitted with serious illness, and another 2.3 million people end up in critical care. Medical alert systems are not only useful for seniors, but for anyone.  More than 350,000 home fires occur every year, accounting for 2,600 deaths in the U.S. alone and can affect anyone of any age group.[3]  Pressing a strategically placed wall mount panic button or a pendant or wristband button alarm could mean the difference between life and death if you or others cannot reach the phone.  Medical alert systems are just as valuable when used in the event of an attempted home robbery.  I have heard accounts from our members that the beeping coming from an activated device has thwarted such attempts.

Batman’s Utility Belt: An Array of Options:

 At Alert1, there are many tools in the belt to give you or your loved ones the power to stay safe and protected.  For those who spend a great deal of time in the comfort of home, we have our classic in-the-home Medical Alert.  A single press of the alert button from anywhere in the home can connect you with our agents who are always standing by, ready to help.   Additionally, if falling is a risk, we have it covered.  Our water-resistant fall detector pendants can sense falls and automatically send alerts, even if you are unable to press your button. For those who are even more active and like to adventure, much like the heroes I have referenced previously, Alert1 has On-the-Go Medical Alerts that you can take anywhere and get the help you need.  You can go to the supermarket, the beach, a park, or visit your loved ones anywhere in the USA and still be protected. Our on-the-go devices also have fall detection capability.  Alert1 has medical alert systems to suit every need, budget, and lifestyle.

Saving Lives: The Work of Heroes

Alert1 strives to provide epic-level service to our members.  We want you to have that peace of mind that, like Superman watching over and protecting Metropolis, we will watch over you and keep you safe and secure.


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