The Healthy Holiday Gift Guide


Not sure what to get for your loved ones for the holidays? Health and fitness products are some holiday gifts on the top of people’s wish list. If they've got serious health goals, give your loved one an extra boost with Alert1’s gift guide.

Your loved ones don’t have to wait for the New Year to get healthy. We’ve curated a list of the top holiday gifts for both beginners and advanced fitness junkies. These gifts are the perfect way to support their fitness goals while uplifting their spirits. 


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Many health experts recommend improving diet first before exercising. Particularly, they advise cooking at home to be healthier. Have your loved one enjoy healthy cooking with these wonderful gifts.

Decorative Cookware

Decorative cookware always makes cooking fun. Your loved one will enjoy using cool gadgets and decorative pieces in the kitchen.

Retailers like Amazon and Sur La Table have stocking stuffer sections just for cookware. Cat measuring cups are great for baking lentil brownies. A mini piggy-shaped grill lets you make skewers indoors. There’s even a whale-shaped strainer to drain out homemade pasta. Healthy cooking won't feel bland when you cook with these cool tools.

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Smoothies are a healthy and convenient breakfast. Making a smoothie can take less time than microwaving instant ramen. Drinking smoothies is a great way to add fruits and vegetables to any diet.

Your loved one doesn’t need an expensive blender for a great tasting smoothie. There are affordable options like the Oster blender and the Magic Bullet that work just as well as fancier models. Anybody can get on the smoothie train!

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Healthy Box Subscription

Does your loved one not have time to cook? This year, treat them to a healthy box subscription. These subscription services send weekly boxes of snacks, recipes, or premade meals to their house.

You can find these subscriptions at Graze, Blue Apron, or Freshly©. Depending on the size of the box, these services can be as low as $8.99 per box. Food subscriptions are great way for your loved one to try healthy eating without spending extra time at the grocery store. 


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It's easy to start a workout routine, but hard to stay on track. With these workout holiday gifts, your loved ones can focus on their fitness.

At Home Workout Gear

You loved one may not be able to afford a gym membership. To help them out, give them workout gear this year. With these accessories, your loved one can build their own in-home gym.

Resistance bands, dumb bell sets, and yoga mats are great for at-home exercise. They don’t take up a lot of space, and are easy to use. You can throw in classic DVDs like the Jane Fonda Collection and Tae Bo;. These workouts may be “old school,” but they’ll work up a sweat in no time. 


New Class Pass

If they’re feeling bored with their workouts, buy them a Class Pass. For a one-month trial at $19, this online service lets them try new workout classes in their hometown.

With a Class Pass, your loved one can do Zumba, martial arts, and Pilates without committing to boutique studios. This is the perfect challenge for both beginners and gym rats. They’ll never get bored of their workout.

Activity Tracker

These sleek wristbands are fun to track your health. Activity trackers can measure steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns.

The most popular activity tracker is the Fitbit;. Aside from activity tracking, the Fitbit lets you compete with other users. The extra competition can increase motivation for workouts. Buy one for you and your loved ones. You’ll all be racing to get to the top of the scoreboard.


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Health doesn’t just mean physical well-being. It’s important to take care of mental health as well. Anybody can have a stressful day, month, or year. Give the gift of relaxation with these de-stressing gift ideas.

Bath Set

Help your loved one transform their bath into a mini spa with a bath set. It’s the perfect way for them to relax in the comfort of the own home. Soon they will be slipping away to a state of Zen.

You can either buy a complete bath set or create your own. Include bath bombs, oils, and candles for the perfect downtime package. You’re not just making a bath set; you’re making their “Treat Yo’ Self” day set. 


Coloring Books

Have your loved one feel like a kid again with coloring books. These books are a great way for your loved one to reduce their stress. And, coloring is simple to do. Just turn off the phone and start coloring.

Coloring books aren’t for kindergarteners anymore. Gone are the days of books filled with farm animals and kiddie cartoons. Today, there are coloring books that have beautiful, intricate designs with images like Harry Potter, mandalas, or cats. There’s a coloring book theme for everybody.


Massage Certificate

A massage is a luxurious way to relax. However, it’s not something people think about getting for themselves. Make the choice for them by gifting your loved one a massage certificate. Whether they’re working out constantly or sitting all day, a massage can ease any tension in their body.

Massage sessions range from 30-90 minutes, with different styles and techniques.  Your loved one will walk out of their session feeling awesome.

Love is Best

The greatest gift for your loved ones will always be your love and support. After giving these holiday gifts, let them know how much you appreciate them. Check in with your loved ones and ask how they’re doing. Gifts can start any journey to healthy living. Your friendship keeps them happy.

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