Go for the Gold with Alert1's Kelsi

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Medical alert systems may not be common in the world of gold-winning Olympic athletes, but at some point all of us need a little extra protection. After the Summer Olympics athletes retire, they're not going to settle for anything less than a gold medal medical alert system.

Here at Alert1, we became curious. We asked which Summer Olympics sports could be performed with a medical alert device. We enlisted the help of our gold medal medical alert, Kelsi. Here, we list all the Summer Olympics events you could compete in while wearing your mobile Kelsi device.

Summer Olympics Sports

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  • Archery: Great for improving hand-eye coordination, Archery is the sport of using a bow and arrow to hit a target. You can pretend you're Robin Hood when getting ready to smoke the competition. With your Kelsi around your neck, you'll never have to worry about getting lost when leaving the field again.
  • Badminton: With its great cardio exercise and social setting, badminton is the perfect sport for seniors to play. You're able to enjoy time with friends while getting a full body workout. Team up with a friend or your spouse for the pairs event, knowing your Kelsi will keep you safe.
  • Cycling: Racing in the Olympics may not be for you, but you enjoy the long rides you're able to take. With Kelsi's GPS location system, you'll never worry about missing the turn for your way home. One press of the button, and Alert1's Command Center will find your location in minutes and can provide you with a safe route home.
  • Equestrian: Get ready to saddle up in safety and style. No matter the event you're in, your Kelsi alert will stay tucked into your jersey while you take your horse through its paces. In the event that you miss your last jump, your Kelsi will have help on the way with a press of your button.
  • Table Tennis: Known to your grandchildren as “Ping-Pong”, table tennis is perfect for those who prefer their sports indoors. This game is great for sharpening your reflexes and your brain. With your Kelsi clipped to your belt loop, you'll enjoy your new-found agility while acing your serves.
  • Fencing: On guard! The sport long favored by gentlemen of yore, fencing is still fun in modern days. Your Kelsi pendant is compact and lightweight, so it won't weight you down during your lunges. Your friends will marvel at your new-found freedom, as well as your swashbuckling skills.
  • Golf: Fore! Never miss your tee time for fear of falling again. Your Kelsi will keep you safe while practicing your swing at the driving range. Meet your friends for an afternoon on the course, and get ready to sink a hole in one.
  • Sailing: Bring back happy memories of your younger years in the junior sailing league while keeping your eyes on the gold. With Kelsi's water resistant design, you won't need to worry about the sea spray dampening your sails. Now you're ready to catch the breeze and move along faster than five knots.
  • Soccer: Are you ready to defend your goal from the opposing team? As goalkeeper, you'll have back-up support in your Kelsi medical alert. Stay on your toes and keep your eyes peeled. It’s up to you to save the game with a dive to keep the ball out of the goal. 
  • Tennis: Along with its sister sport of badminton, tennis is a great way to get good exercise while socializing with friends. Ask your spouse or friends to train for the singles or the doubles events with you. When you're training, you can wear your Kelsi around your neck or clipped to your belt. It'll never get in the way of your swing or your stride when running to return a serve.

Time to Start Training

With your Kelsi mobile medical alert by your side, you'll be able to train in safety and style for the sport of your choice. Knowing help is only a button press away empowers you to go further with your fitness goals. With its small portable design and location tracking, your Kelsi device will keep up with you no matter where your sporting events take you.

Summer sports not really your thing? Don't forget about the 2016 Summer Olympics' cousin, the 2018 Winter Olympics! In two years there will be a whole bunch of new sports to try. After you've hung up your Tennis racket for the summer, it'll be time to brush off those downhill skis and hit the slopes for some winter sporting fun.