Dad Doesn’t Want Presents? Give Him a Father’s Day Experience

Nowadays, people want experiences, not stuff, right? Chances are, when you ask Dad what he wants for Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday, he will decline entirely. But ask him to spend time with you, and he will jump at the chance! Here are some ideas for some quality bonding time with good ol’ Dad. 

Beer Tasting

beer tasting.alert1 medical alert systems

Take Dad to a brewery to learn more about his favorite beer. Or take him to a brewery he hasn’t heard of so he can find a new favorite. Many breweries will give you a nice tour of the facility while explaining the beer-making process and history. At the end of the tour you can sample a variety of their different beers. This is a great opportunity to see if you and Dad like anything new without buying a whole six-pack.  

Ask Dad which beer is his favorite and get a case to-go. You know that present won’t sit in a random drawer untouched. There is usually a restaurant at breweries, so you can have a nice lunch afterwards.

Car Show

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Does Dad baby his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro? A car show is the perfect spot car enthusiasts can rev up their engines. Specialty car shows often feature custom, restored or historical vehicles. Dad can have a blast checking out hot rods and vintage vehicles he hasn’t seen in years.  

Does Dad like the latest and greatest on the market? Specialty shows feature modern, modified, and luxury cars. Feast your eyes on some of the rarest new cars out there.

Most car shows are low cost, or even free! Spend the day with Dad as he feels like a teenager again checking out all these cool cars. 

Battle Reenactment

battle reenactment.alert1 medical alert systems

Has Dad been a major history buff all your life? Treat him to a day he won’t forget with a historical battle reenactment. Travel back to the 18th or 19th century to watch a Civil or Revolutionary War reenactment.

These events allow you to watch from the sidelines, or even join in on the action. The reenactors follow the particular patterns and paths actually taken during each historical battle. Don’t forget your time period uniform!


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Check out what movies are playing and ask Dad which he is most interested in. Want to go all out? See if a luxury movie theater is in your area for an extra special outing. These theaters often serve cocktails, upscale snacks, and have comfy leather recliner chairs with ottomans. Dad will love kicking back and enjoying the movie in style. 


dinner with dad.alert1 medical alert systems

Who doesn’t love to eat? Take Dad to an old favorite restaurant or go for something exciting and new. Father’s day is a busy day to go out, so plan ahead and make reservations early.

Dad doesn’t like crowds? Ask if he would like to go to dinner during the week to avoid the bustle. Or even better, cook him up a meal of all his favorites


family golf.alert1 medical alert systems

Golfing is the perfect way to spend some quality time with Dad. Does he have a favorite course? Or does he like new challenges? Hit the green early to avoid the crowds and the heat.

Whether he regularly breaks 80 or can't break 100, pull out the club and tee up for an afternoon of fun. After 18 holes you are sure to make some great memories. 


fishing.alert1 medical alert systems

Is Dad’s idea of a perfect afternoon kicking back, casting the line out, and cracking open a brew? Why mess with what is already perfected? Pack a nice lunch and head out to the nearest lake or river. Lounge on the shore, take a boat out, or cast off the dock. You can’t go wrong with a nice day of relaxation. Hopefully you and Dad will even come back with a fresh dinner!

Dad Day

As you have fun with Dad, remember how he kept you safe growing up. As he is enjoying his golden years, it’s your chance to help keep him safe. No matter Dad’s age or physical condition, no one can predict when an emergency will occur. A medical alert system can be there when you’re not. If Dad has an accident or falls if he is home alone, he will immediately be connected to, and receive help. Alert1 wants all Fathers to stay safe this Father’s Day and for many years to come.