Are You Ready for Personal Medical Alert Systems?

If you’re just entering your senior years, you’re probably feeling good. Able-bodied older adults can work, adventure, and travel without needing to think too much about health concerns. But, if you’re seeing slightly older friends get medical alert devices, you start to think about how these devices can fit into your life.

Here’s the hard truth: You won’t know you need an alert button until you experience an emergency. That’s why we strongly support our members in getting medical alert systems before they feel like they need the service. Aging looks different for everyone, and you can never be too careful.

If you’re starting to explore medical alerts, know that Alert1 offers devices to suit a range of lifestyles. We have at-home systems for older adults living alone, but we also have on-the-go units to help you feel safe while you’re out for a hike, a bike ride, or just driving around to run errands. You might not see personal medical alert systems as necessary right now, but that makes this a great time to start exploring. 

Feel Comfortable in Your Age with an Alert System

You might not feel all too comfortable with the idea integrating personal medical alert systems into your life. That’s okay. It can take a while to understand what you need as you age. But we’d like to point out a few ways in which older adults can benefit from an emergency button. Whether you’re in your late 50’s and considering retirement or early 60’s seeing friends get devices, the following list can illuminate some ways a medical alert system can improve your safety and security.

·         Personal medical alert systems can help you feel secure at home. Whether you’re worried about home intruders or an accidental injury in the kitchen, a medical alert system can help you feel safe at home. This is especially important for people who live alone. Even if you’re comfortable using a cell phone to call for help, an alert device is easier to use in a moment of crisis.

·         Grow comfortable with the technology over time. Using a medical alert system early in the aging process can help you feel more confident later in life. If you begin using device at 62, you’ll know exactly what to do if you experience a fall at 70. Part of using a device is growing comfortable and aging with the technology.

·         Live your life confidently. If you’re entering the later years of life, you don’t want to be constantly thinking about whether an activity is safe. You want to know you have the support you need in case an accident happens. Keeping an alert system with you can give you the confidence to live your later years with fewer regrets. 

Alert1 Devices to Fit Your Life

We know that a lot of older adults don’t think they’re ready for personal medical alert systems. That’s why we take care to price our devices affordably. In keeping our prices fair, you can ensure these systems don’t impose a budgetary burden – especially if you’re not sure this is what you need. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re curious about how a medical alert system can work for you, give us a try.