6 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer Amidst Seniors

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Updated 8/1/17 3:00pm | Alert1 stands united in the fight against breast cancer. We rally to increase the longevity and health of seniors and their loved ones. Progress is being made in finding a cure but there’s only so much modern medicine can do.  In our research, we found 6 senior friendly tips that can potentially lower your risk of getting breast cancer

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

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Maintaining a healthy diet is essential in preventing breast cancer. Many studies have shown a higher risk of breast cancer amongst older adults that gain weight. You can control your weight through clean eating and actively exercising for a recommended 2.5 hours a week. Being overweight, especially after menopause, greatly increases your risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. There’s no proof to show whether or not weight gain/loss impacts survival rates after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Learn How to Cook Healthy Meals

2. Cut Down on Alcohol

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Alcohol isn’t often associated with the main causes of cancer but it should be. Limiting your risk of developing breast cancer starts with limiting your alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is believed to increase the female hormone oestrogen which enables cells to multiply out of control. If you choose to drink, limit yourself to 1 serving per sitting. Remember-- one serving of liquor is 1.5 ounces, one serving of beer is 12 ounces, and one serving of wine is 5 ounces.

3. Put Out the Cigarette

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Reduce your risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer by putting out the cigarette! Smoking is a nasty habit that can increase the risk of getting many diseases and different types of cancer. In a study of women that smoke, high levels of tobacco chemicals were found in breast fluid ducts. The fluid ducts had higher chemical concentrations when compared to blood samples. Avoiding second hand smoke or smoking cigarettes can limit the risk of breast cancer and keep you looking young.

4. Avoid Hormone Therapy

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Many older adult women seek out menopausal hormone therapy to limit the symptoms of menopause. If possible, older adults should avoid hormone therapy as large doses have proved to cause breast cancer. Long term hormone therapy increases your risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Talk to your doctor to ask about natural alternatives (black cohosh and red clover) instead of hormone therapy. Make sure you know all your options before you start a new medication.

5. Remember Annual Mammograms

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Ladies over 40 need to remember to schedule an annual mammogram. You need not be concerned about radiation harm as exposure is relatively low. Screenings can help reduced the number of deaths from breast cancer among older adult women (40-74). If you have a family history of breast cancer, it is recommended you start getting yearly check-ups at a younger age. Talk to your doctor to see what he/she advises.

6. Self-Examine Every Month

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We have saved the most critical tip for last! Alert1's final tip for detecting breast cancer is to self-examine every month. Self-exams are easy to do and usually painless. Note this tip doesn’t necessarily reduce breast cancer mortality. Early detection is key to catching cancer before it's had time to grow strong and spread.

Equip Yourself to Fight Breast Cancer

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Older adult women must be vigilant in breast cancer detection. Breast cancer is very complex and there’s no guaranteed method to avoid it. If you notice any changes in your breasts, consult your doctor right away. It’s never too early to begin mammograms and other examinations. Share these breast cancer preventative tips with your loved ones to help eliminate breast cancer once and for all. 

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