Where Should You Keep an Emergency Call Button for Seniors?

Once you’ve decided on an emergency call button for seniors, you’ll need to make another choice: Where in your home should you place the base unit? When it comes to accessibility, you can’t really go wrong. The Alert1 base unit has a range of up to 600 feet, which means you can access care even if your accident happens in another room. Still, strategic placement can help facilitate comfort and confidence in your device. If you’re not sure where to situate your base unit, this guide will help you make a decision.

The Best Places for Storing Your Home Base Unit

Alert1 users should place their emergency buttons in convenient locations around the house. While this will be different for every home, most of our members prefer the following three locations for setting up their base units.

·         The Bathroom – For many seniors, the bathroom can be an intimidating space. Full of slippery surfaces, most seniors report feeling at their most vulnerable while in their bathrooms. This makes the area a great place for a medical alert system base unit. This location can help seniors call for help in emergencies, but it can also bolster confidence. Plus, Alert1 emergency call button for seniors are waterproof, ensuring the devices will work even in the shower.

·         The Kitchen – Whether small or large, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where people tend to gather, where people spend a lot of time, and – unfortunately – where a lot of accidents happen. There are many benefits to putting your base system in the kitchen. This placement allows users to access help if they slip on the tiled, fall off a step ladder, or accidentally slice a finger while cutting vegetables. If you’re looking for a place to put your home base system, the kitchen counter is a safe bet.

·         The Bedroom – The bedroom is the site of many accidents. People can trip on clothes and fall while getting out of bed. These common experiences make the bedroom a logical place to put your home base unit. However, if you live in a two-floor house, keep audibility in mind. While the Alert1 base unit has a range of 600 feet, that may be muffled if you experience a fall downstairs. If you decide to put your emergency call button in your upstairs bedroom, we recommend getting another base unit for your first floor. 

Get House-Wide Protection from Alert1

Regardless of where you place an emergency call button for seniors, you should feel comfortable moving about your home with an Alert1 device. Most of our systems have a 600-foot range, which means you’ll be able to call for help even if you have an accident while not in view of the base unit. In fact, most seniors should feel comfortable spending time in their yards and gardens – so long as they’re wearing their emergency alert pendants. Multiple base units can be a good idea for users with larger homes, and more mobile seniors should consider our multiple on-the-go options. No matter your lifestyle or home set-up, Alert1 medical alerts can provide a solution.