Why The Little Prince’s Aviator Needed a Fall Alert

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In the children’s film The Little Prince, a studious girl meets and develops a friendship with a senior man called the Aviator. The Aviator tells the Little Girl stories about a mysterious Little Prince.

Since he lived on an asteroid his entire life, the Little Prince decides to explore the universe. Through his journey, he encounters various adults who make him question growing up. Just as the Little Prince learns about adulthood, the Little Girl remembers how to be a child again.

Although the movie is intended for children, there is one scene that seniors will relate to: when the Aviator falls.

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The Aviator climbs to the top shelf in his library when he loses his balance and falls off the ladder. He tells the Little Girl not to worry; he always falls. The Aviator jokes that once he couldn’t get up for three days. Because of that, he always carries a baloney sandwich in his back pocket to cushion the fall and eat if he gets hungry.  

His accident may have been for comedy, but falling is a serious life event. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 seniors will experience a dangerous fall in their lifetime. For the Aviator, who climbs around his airplane to fix it, the chance of falling is even higher.

That’s why a fall alert system would be great for the Aviator. It’s the perfect companion for the active senior who wants to age in place and have peace of mind.

In this post, we cover what a fall alert system is and why an active senior like the Aviator would love it.

What is a Fall Alert System?

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A fall alert system is a medical device that automatically detects falls. The user wears it as a wristband, pendant, or belt clip. With fall detection technology inside the device, protection is always with them.

If they fall, the device will activate and connect to a monitoring center. The operator will come on the line and if needed, contact emergency services for them.  

Automatic fall alert systems have motion sensors that track the speed and direction of the wearer’s movements. These sensors can tell the difference between everyday movements and a dangerous fall.

What are the Benefits of a Fall Alert System?

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The Aviator leads an active lifestyle. Day and night, he works on his plane for the next great adventure. He’s always on the go. But like any senior, the Aviator is at risk for sudden, dangerous falls. Since he’s usually alone, the Aviator could fall at home or the park, and no one would know.

For an active senior like the Aviator, a mobile fall alert system would be perfect. He doesn’t have to feel stuck at home. The Aviator can be safe wherever he explores. There are many features and benefits of Alert1’s mobile fall alert system to help him age in place.

Lightweight. Mobile fall alert systems only weigh 1.7 ounces. The Aviator can carry it throughout his day and not have the fall alert weigh him down. It’s portable enough for all his hobbies, even flying cross-country.

Waterproof. The Aviator works on his airplane, rain or shine. With Alert1's waterproof fall alert systems, he can wear his alert in any weather. Whether he’s singing in the shower or working in the rain, he’ll always have protection.

Advanced GPS technology. The Aviator works on his plane all day and night because he yearns for adventure. With advanced GPS technology, the Little Girl never has to worry when the Aviator is away. Both the Little Girl and the Aviator can rest easy. If something were to happen to the Aviator, he will always be found.

Why Does the Aviator Need a Fall Alert?


Fall alerts aren’t just for seniors with medical conditions or disabilities. Falls can happen to anyone, but seniors are especially prone to them.

The Aviator is an active senior. He is often outside in his backyard, working on his airplane. He is the epitome of aging in place and having fun. But even the Aviator admits to falling a lot. And in real life, a baloney sandwich won’t be enough protection for falls.

A mobile fall alert system is perfect for the outdoorsy person. As the Aviator works on his airplane, he can clip it to his belt. When his hands are full, he can wear it around his neck. The Aviator can trust Alert1 to protect him.

Sandwiches are for Food, not Falls


Fall alert systems can help anybody age in place. He may be old, but the Aviator is having the time of his life. He spends every day filled with pure imagination and joy. He’s got wrinkles on his face, but he’s a child at heart. It’s no wonder he still likes baloney.

Nevertheless, a sandwich is not enough for fall protection. That’s why a mobile fall alert system is great for an active senior like the Aviator.

So here’s what we suggest to the Aviator: Save the baloney sandwiches for a picnic with friends. Buy a fall alert system. It’ll be the best investment for his adventures.