Boost Confidence in the Home with Wristband Fall Detectors

Seniors tend to lose confidence as they age for a variety of reasons. As we grow old, our bodies change, shifting our ability to complete tasks, engage in activities, and live our lives. Similarly, health issues become more common as we age, and diagnoses of chronic or age-related conditions can affect how we feel about ourselves. 

According to Harvard Health, one of the best ways to build confidence is to remind yourself of your capabilities – what you can do, what skills you possess, and how you can apply them. But, for many seniors, the fear of an accident hinders this recognition. Working to address these fears can lead to overcoming obstacles, which can provide the confidence boost so many seniors need. 

One of the easiest ways to alleviate fear and boost confidence is to invest in a medical alert system. For some, this might look like a wristband fall detector. For others, it may be an on-the-go pendant device. If you feel safe and cared for, you’ll be more able to engage in the activities you enjoy – and build confidence along the way.

Why is Confidence Essential for Seniors?

Even though many seniors lose confidence as they age, the emotion is essential to living a happy, healthy life. Research suggests that improving self-esteem can provide real health benefits to seniors, including a boost in mental health and wellbeing. To that end, having confidence is important for maintaining social connections and a healthy lifestyle.

There are several ways for seniors to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Activities like volunteering and staying social can improve interpersonal connections, leading to a greater sense of self-worth. Additionally, practicing good hygiene and having a personal care routine can contribute to feelings of self-confidence, as can eating healthy foods and adding light exercise to routines.

Medical alert devices, like wristband fall detectors and fall detection pendants, can also increase confidence by allowing seniors to feel safe. In the simplest terms, you’re more likely to live a comfortable life if you know help is just a button-push away. 

Fall Detection Options from Alert1

While Alert1 doesn’t currently offer wristband fall detector devices, we have a variety of fall detection options to help you feel at ease, both at home and on the go. For those who want to feel safer in their homes, our In-the-Home + Fall Detection Medical Alert set is an excellent option. The fall alert button, while designed to be worn around the neck, is showerproof and compatible with pacemakers. The system also has a 400-foot range around the base unit, making it an invaluable tool for many senior homes.

Those who want fall detection outside of the home should consider our Kelsi Pro system with on-the-go support, GPS capabilities, and fall detection. The device uses GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular coverage to access your location if a fall is detected. This system is also showerproof and compatible with pacemakers, making it a great choice for active and independent seniors.

Whether you’re looking for a wristband fall detector or another type of fall detection, know that Alert1 has options to suit your needs. What’s important is that you feel comfortable and confident, both in and around your home. Systems from Alert1 can provide just that.