A Medical Alert Button for Seniors is an Important Technology Investment

A medical alert button for seniors is the most elderly-friendly technology available. Tech has changed a lot in the past few years, and more older adults have cell phones, smartwatches, and tablets than ever before. But even seniors who have these devices can struggle with using them. If a senior relies on a smartphone for help and safety in an emergency, can you rely on their ability to unlock the device and call for help?

Medical alert systems are the only communication technology designed with senior needs and tech literacy in mind. With no screens, easy-to-use features, and intuitive designs, the devices from Alert1 are usable at any age. If you’re thinking about investing in senior-friendly technology, a medical alert button for seniors is the obvious choice.

Use Technology Designed for Seniors

Changes to technology consistently fail to recognize the senior population’s unique needs. The pivot to text-centric communication and touchscreens has made many seniors feel left behind, unable to communicate using the devices friends and family provide. If you’re worried about your loved one’s safety, don’t get them a smartphone. Instead, invest in a medical alert device.

Teaching a technology-illiterate senior to use smart technology and other communication devices can take a lot of time and patience. To that end, many seniors report feeling a resistance to new technology. This resistance is often tied to fear and inaccessibility. While your mom might initially express excitement with her new tablet or smartphone, she can quickly grow frustrated with using it. Over time, this leads many seniors to give up on communication technology. If you’re worried for a senior’s safety, this can be dangerous. In their time of need, will they use their tablet to call for help? In most cases, they’ll likely reach for technology that’s easy to use. For most, that looks like a medical alert button for seniors. 

Find Your Fit with Alert1

Medical alert buttons for seniors are designed with aging-in-place concerns in mind. The best senior technology will incorporate ease-of-use alongside factors like budget, accessibility, and applicability. These devices should be useful in a variety of situations, and they shouldn’t require too much technology literacy from the user. This is exactly what systems from Alert1 can provide.

We have medical alert systems for every type of senior. If your loved one feels most comfortable in their home, perhaps an in-the-home system with fall detection will help bolster their confidence. If your parent still enjoys running errands and spending time outside of the house, an on-the-go option may better suit their lifestyle. But no matter which Alert1 device your loved one chooses, it will be affordable, easy to use, and usable in countless situations.

If you have an elderly friend or relative, don’t wait until an emergency to get serious about their safety. Cell phones and smartwatches can certainly bolster security, but only a medical alert button for seniors can provide long-term comfort. Seniors aging-in-place need a device that adapts to their growing needs. Medical alert buttons do just that.