Medical Alert Devices for Seniors are Easy to Use

Medical alert devices for seniors are easy to use. This is often a result of very intentional design choices. Namely, most devices are intuitive, screenless, and easy to set up. This is important to point out for new or skeptical alert system users. Many Alert1 members express distrust of and discomfort with newer technology. But, with us, you’ll never have to worry – our devices are easy to order, easy to set up, and easy to use.

Senior-Friendly Alert System Features

We at Alert1 have made several important design choices to make the medical alert device experience as smooth as possible. Here are a few reasons why seniors feel comfortable with our devices.

·         Intuitive Design – A lot of technology companies like to talk about “intuitive” design. Unfortunately, seniors are often excluded from this conversation. Intuitive design only works with an audience who has prior knowledge of the product. In other words, an iPhone is easy for a person to navigate if they’ve used a laptop, but it can be very difficult for someone who doesn’t regularly use a computer. With medical alert systems, you won’t need to worry about whether the device is actually intuitive. The big, red or blue button at the center of the pendant, wristband, or home base practically screams, “press me in an emergency.” 

·         Screenless Usage – The shift to buttonless devices has streamlined technology experiences for younger generations, but seniors often struggle with them. Factors like vision impairment, screen brightness, and text size can prevent an older adult from safely and confidently using technology. Alert systems are different. Users don’t need to navigate any screens, and buttons are clearly labeled for ease of use.

·         Simple Set-Up – When it comes to getting a new device, the set-up process can be enough to dissuade a skeptical user. Medical alert devices from Alert1 don’t have this problem. Our systems are as easy to set up as they are to use. Simply perform a test button-push and set up your Circle of Care. Then, go about your life knowing that you will have support if an accident strikes. 

Available Medical Alert Devices for Seniors

All medical alert devices for seniors are easy to use. Still, some seniors may try to use their systems when they don’t need to – whether to call a relative, to connect with a service, or by accident. Many companies will issue warnings and penalize users who overuse their emergency buttons. This will never happen with Alert1.

Alert1 senior medical alert devices are so user-friendly that we actively encourage members to use their devices if they’re unsure whether they need help. We will never penalize you for using your device. Safe, easy, and friendly, Alert1 devices are designed with senior needs and habits in mind.

If you’re not sure which Alert1 device is right for you, we’re here to help. We have several options with various add-on features. If you don’t think you’ll need protection outside the home, our in-the-home unit and corresponding pendant may be all you need. If you live a more active lifestyle and want protection in case of an emergency outside, our on-the-go devices may better suit your needs. Stuck between a couple of options? Let us know. We’d love to help.