Emergency Alert Bracelets Can Help Preserve Independence

While every senior can benefit from a monitored medical alert system, not everyone is ready and willing to wear an emergency alert bracelet. For many of our members, this is caused by one, or both, of the following reasons:

1) They don’t think they need one.

2) They don’t like the way they look.

If your elderly parent is struggling to see how a medical alert system can improve their life, they’re not alone. However, we’ve found a framing strategy that can be helpful when having these tough conversations: highlighting the need for independence.

We encourage our potential members to point out that emergency alert bracelets can actually preserve independence, not take it away. If a senior can see that wearing a medical alert can allow them to live an independent life, they are more likely to use their device – and more likely to receive help in the event of an accident.  

The Importance of Independence as a Senior Citizen

Independence becomes increasingly important as a person ages, even as it begins to wane. A loss of independence can be extremely discouraging for older adults, especially for those who have spent their entire lives working, raising families, and making their own decisions. If you’re struggling to understand why seniors need independence, here are a few aspects that you may be overlooking.

·         Independence gives seniors a sense of purpose. The ability to contribute in some way, whether with a job or to the lives of family and friends, is very important to feeling happy and fulfilled.

·         A loss of independence can be isolating. Depending on others for a range of activities – everything from social fulfillment to grocery shopping – can be a lonely experience. Your senior friend may begin to feel like a burden, which can increase feelings of isolation.

·         Independence can both improve and maintain cognitive skills. Memory loss gradually occurs as we age. Living independently and carrying out everyday tasks can help preserve cognitive function. 

·         Independence can be essential for mental health. Living or functioning independently promotes self-esteem and confidence. This is especially important for seniors, as self-worth typically degrades with age.

Wearing an emergency alert bracelet can help prolong your senior’s ability to be independent. If they have an accident – be it a fall or another medical emergency – they’ll have the ability to receive help quickly. 

Reclaim Senior Independence with an Emergency Alert Bracelet from Alert1

If your elderly parent or friend is still on the fence about a medical alert system, know that Alert1 offers a range of wearing options. We know that not all seniors, especially those with high mobility and independence, like how obvious medical alert pendants look when worn around the neck. Most of our alert options can also be worn as a bracelet or in a belt loop holster. Plus, Alert1 provides wristband options in several colors to help disguise a medical alert as a fashion accessory.

No matter your senior’s needs, there’s an emergency alert bracelet ready and waiting to fit seamlessly into their life. Plus, Alert1 does not require long-term contracts. If your senior is hesitant to use a medical alert system, they have nothing to lose by trying Alert1.