The Truth Behind Recurring Medical Alert Prices

Alert1 Medical Alarm System Saving You Dollars

A medical alert system is an investment. When you purchase a one of these systems, you are paying for an emergency service – not just a piece of equipment. As a result, it might be difficult to understand how the service contributes to your monthly charge. What is included? Does the price fluctuate? What additional services do I need for my medical alert system to work?

Medical alert prices can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technology. Below, we’ve unpacked some of the services provided with standard monthly rates. We’ll also cover why Life Alert costs can be very high, as well as why Alert1 alert systems provides users with the best possible prices.

How are Medical Alert Systems Priced?

If you’re in the market for an alert system, you’ve likely noticed a trend. These devices are a recurring expense rather than a one-time fee. While this means you may end up paying more than you expected, we’d like to unpack the services and numbers behind that cost.

When you invest in an Alert1 alert system, you get a range of services designed to make you or your senior parent’s life safer. Our products include either all or some combination of the following services, depending on the package you choose.

  • Free equipment use
  • Unlimited uses
  • The ability to call 911, as well as to call family and friends
  • Coverage in all 50 United States
  • In-house and outdoor use
  • Fall detection
  • Button speaker capabilities

Medical alert systems are a communication tool. When you sign up for your system, the monthly fee contributes to keeping that communication system running. With us, the equipment itself is included in the monthly rate. You’ll be paying for the medical alert service, not the device. 

Saving on Life Alert Costs with Alert1

Alert1 Blue Ribbon In Affordability of Medical Alarms

When you buy an alert system with Alert1, you get the best possible emergency response services at the lowest possible price. You may be looking at Life Alert costs and worrying about how you’ll afford the monthly fee. With Alert1, you won’t need to worry about saving for the monthly expense. Plus, we have a range of products that offer varied services, ensuring you get the medical alert system that fits with both your lifestyle and your budget. With Alert1, that recurring medical alert price is well-worth the minimal cost.

In fact, we’ve been ranked the best alert system for affordability on the market. Our five medical alert devices are all priced at or below the industry average, and we’ve been lauded for our cost transparency. We also offer discounts on all of our systems for customers who pay for their devices on a semi-annual or annual basis, allowing you the opportunity to further reduce costs. Plus, our systems are designed with senior lifestyles and needs in mind, and with long battery lives, mobile and in-home system options, and low fees.