Saving Lives: Alert1 Customer Testimonials

At Alert1, we pride ourselves on being able to save lives every day. No one believes misfortune will happen to them, but accidents occur without warning on any given day.
To show how a medical alert can help you, we made some calls and compiled reviews from our members. Our devices save lives every single day. 

Annie’s Frightening Sunday

Taking A Walk With Alert1

Falls can happen anywhere, and when you least expect them. That's something that our member Annie learned the hard way when she fell outside of her home. Falls are scary—but we’re glad that got Annie the help she needed. We were able to get Annie on the phone to hear her amazing Alert1 story.

Annie is an active aging adult who has always spent her days keeping busy. She lived alone, but her PAX Plus mobile help button helped her live more independently than ever. Her family lived close by too, so she always knew that they were never too far if she needed them. PAX Plus gave her the confidence she needed to age in place without fear. 

Every Sunday, Annie and her family would have lunch and then go for a small hike together. She always walked over to her family’s house, never feeling the need to drive when she visited them. Her mobile medical alert empowered her to stay as active as possible.

Annie never had any accidents, until one Sunday when disaster struck.

It was an average Sunday morning. Annie spent it cooking her famous potato salad for her family's get-together. Once she finished, she put the salad in a large tin tray and began the quick stroll to her family's house.

Annie was holding the tray as she walked, and next thing she knew, she tripped and fell. She flung forward, and hit the ground knee first. In a split second, she wailed in pain wondering what had happened. She hadn’t seen the thick crack in the sidewalk that caused the fall since the tray was blocking her view.

Annie was in pain and didn't know how to react. She was so distressed that she forgot to press her help button. Luckily, within seconds her fall detection pendant had activated. It sensed Annie’s fall and connected to the operator. Before she even had a second to think about using her medical alert, we’d already sent a signal for help.

The operator came on the line and asked her what happened. Annie cried for help, and before she could even suggest her son come help her—the operator did so. This is because her son was her first responder in her customizable Circle of Care.

Annie's Circle of Care—those who the operator will contact if she needs help—is her nearby family whom are listed before EMS. The operator then pinpointed her location with PAX Plus’s GPS technology, and sent her son to help. Annie loved that the operator knew to send her son to help her instead of an ambulance, and even knew exactly where she was.

Within minutes, her son arrived with the rest of the family. They took her to the hospital and got her the care she needed.

Annie had broken her kneecap from her fall. It took time to heal, but she is back on her feet, fully recovered, and active once again. She is hiking with her family every Sunday and enjoying life to the fullest. Although she had a bad fall, she is still fearless with Alert1 by her side.

So what is there to learn from Annie's story? You should always wear an Alert1 Medical Alert wherever you go! You might not always need it, but it will be your safety net when disaster strikes. Although you might be as careful as you can, falls still happen when you least expect. 

Julie And Her Mom Karen

Alert1 Senior In The Woods

Julie called Alert1 to learn about a device that her mom could take anywhere to get help—our mobile medical alert system. Julie’s dad had passed away, and she didn’t want her mom completely alone on her daily hikes.

We were happy to provide them both with the extra peace of mind a medical alert brings Karen.

A couple of months after Julie got the mobile medical alert for Karen she sent us an email:

I wanted to let you know that Alert1 just saved my mother’s life. She was hiking in the woods behind her home, as she does every day, when she tripped over uneven ground on the trail and fell, breaking her leg! Well, she couldn’t walk home, and wasn’t sure what to do, when she told me that suddenly there was a voice asking her if she needed help. My mom had completely forgotten about the fall detection notify in her medial alert. Alert1 had sensed her fall, and made sure she was all right. They got the ambulance there, and me there to get her. Even though she’s walking around with a cast on, she’s still determined to go hiking again!

Thank you so much for being there for my mom. It’s a real treat for both her and me to know that she’s got someone there. For a minute, she thought it was my dad’s voice booming down from heaven to make sure she was okay! I told her that he was right there next to her, and that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to her. My mom is safe thanks to you. You guys make the investment well worth it.

Julie, we’re glad that we were able to get your mom the help she needed. We hope that she continues to recover quickly.

Falls are a scary, but a situation we do not have to take on alone. With an Alert1 pendant by your side, you will never be alone in your frightening time of need. 

Bobbi And Her Dad Herman

Smiling Elderly Alert1 Member

Bobbi and her dad Herman joined the Alert1 family over a year ago after Herman had his first fall. Turns out Herman recently had another fall, but is on his way to a fast recovery. Bobbi wrote in to express her gratitude and shared her dad’s story:

My dad was 76 years old when he had his first fall. I remember how terrifying it was for the whole family. We were on a family vacation, staying at a beautiful resort. Dad hopped into the shower to get ready for the day. We had plans to go sightseeing and eat lunch at a nearby restaurant. My sister and I decided to go downstairs to grab a snack and some water.

On the way back up to our room, my sister heard distant screaming and we realized it was coming from our room. It was my mother yelling for help. Rushing back, we opened the door to see our dad lying on the bed with a giant gash on his forehead. My mom was holding a towel over his forehead to stop the bleeding. It had turned out that he slipped in the shower. I dialed 911, and not long after an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

At the hospital, they had given my dad stitches and some medication. The doctor informed us that we were lucky that my mom was in the room at the time and heard my dad’s fall. He had lost quite a bit of blood from hitting his head. Although the doctor had said we were lucky, it certainly didn’t feel that way to me!

My sister and I couldn’t stop thinking about our experience at the hospital. The anxiety we both felt while waiting to see if Dad was okay was unbearable. We hated to see how worried Mom was too. She barely said a thing the entire time we were at the hospital. That’s when I decided that I didn’t want Dad to be alone if this happened again, I wanted to do something to keep him protected.

I had heard of a button that you could press to get help and began doing some research. That’s how I found your company. A few days later, I presented Dad with his very own Alert1 medical alert. At first, Dad wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of needing a help button.  After all, no senior likes feeling “old,” as he put it.

It took some convincing but Dad eventually realized it was not just for him, but for my mom and the rest of the family too. The alert device around his neck put our worries to rest.

I’m so happy he’s continued to wear it for the past year, because last week Dad had another fall. My mom had gone out to the store, so Dad was by himself. He pressed his button and Alert1 immediately sent help. Shortly after, my mom, sister, and I were all notified of his accident and joined him at the hospital. We were thankful that he had his Alert1 device with him when no one else was around.

Bobbi, we’re glad that both you and your family feel secure with Alert1 and that your dad got the immediate help he needed.

Falls happen without warning. But with an Alert1 medical alert, you will always have help on the way. 

Crystal And Her Mom Roberta

Alert1 Smiling Grandma

Crystal left a review on our PAX mobile medical alert system. She wanted to let us know how much the mobile alert has helped her mom Roberta since Crystal got it for her a month ago.

I signed up with Alert1 last month to help my mother, Roberta. I read an article that at her age, she could be more prone to dangerous accidents. What’s worse is that she’s often by herself during the week. I knew she should get one, but it would be a tough sell.

No surprise, my mother did not want to get a medical alert button!  She hates anything that shouts how old she is. Mother is an outdoors person, so she’s rarely at home. At first, I gave her an iPhone so she could use it in an emergency. Even if she fell, my mother could use Siri to call for help.

What I didn’t know was that Siri only works if you have Wi-Fi or data. My mother was walking by the lake, when she slipped down into a ditch. Although she had her iPhone, my mother couldn’t move at all. It took over an hour for a kind biker to find her. Mom was fine after, but I wasn’t. The iPhone didn’t help at all.  

She needed something easy to use, so I got her your mobile medical alert—the one with fall detection. After a week, my mother complained to me that I should return it. She didn’t need to use it. She told me an accident will never happen again. I wanted to please my mother, but I also want her safe and protected—so I said no!

Good thing for us—a few days later the alert saved her. Mom was walking on another trail she loves and slipped. When she fell, my mother told me her device started calling the help center. Someone asked what her emergency was. Even though they couldn’t hear her, they still sent her help. The EMS came right away and took her to the hospital.

After the second accident, my mother fully believes in alert devices now. She doesn’t mind wearing it in the open, compared to the first day when she wanted to hide it or conveniently “left” it at home. I recommend anybody who has aging parents, no matter how active they are, to get your Alert1.

Now that Roberta has the mobile medical alert with fall detection, she’s able to keep living her independent lifestyle. At Alert1, we love being able to help not only Roberta do that, but our thousands of members across the nation too. 

Ellie And Her Mom Margot

Mother and Daughter Walking

We love to check in  and see how some of our newer members are liking their Alert1 service. When we called Ellie to see how her mother Margot was doing, she told us she thanks her lucky stars she got a device with automatic fall detection.

Watching your parent age is a difficult and worrisome time.  That’s why Ellie decided to get her 84-year-old mother, Margot, a medical alert. Ellie called us after her mom’s heart surgery in January. Margot had lost much of her appetite. Dizziness from lack of food became common and she was easily out of breath when walking room to room.

Ellie suggested a medical alert for her mother, but Margot refused saying she didn’t need one. A couple of weeks after the surgery, Ellie saw her mom stumble while walking to the kitchen after dinner. She didn’t fall, but it was a very close call.  The small stumble was enough of a scare for both of them to get her a medical alert.

They decided on the Alert1 PAX Plus mobile medical alert system since Margot enjoys spending her afternoons walking to the park.  It was only two weeks after purchasing her PAX Plus medical alert that Margot’s device detected a fall in the middle of the night.

An operator at the Alert1 Command Center came on the line to make sure Margot was okay. She fell on her way to the bathroom and was still trying to get up. Being the strong independent type, Margot was too stubborn to push her button.
She was a bit surprised when she heard our Command Center representative, but she responded and told them she was okay. Margot was unable to stand up so they contacted a neighbor who came over immediately and helped her up. They notified Ellie and she drove Margot to the hospital early that morning.  There were no serious injuries, only a nasty bruise.

Margot’s doctor said she was dehydrated and she admitted she hadn’t eaten since lunch the previous day.  Her doctor reminded her of the importance of eating and to drink plenty of water throughout the day and before bed.
Margot and Ellie returned home a little shaken, but safe.  Margot is now eating regularly, staying hydrated and happily enjoys her walks to the park with peace of mind.

Even though Margot was not seriously injured, she would have been stranded on the floor for the entire night if not for her PAX Plus alert. Margot could have further injured herself trying to get up. She would have been stuck without food, water, or her medication until the next day.

Margot’s scary situation could have been a lot worse. Luckily, we were there to get her the help she needed, fast. Ellie was so thankful when we called and wanted to let us know what had happened to her mom. Ellie, we thank you for getting both you and your mom extra peace of mind. 

Peace Of Mind


Being stranded and injured on the floor is a scary thought. It’s common for seniors to be resistant to the idea of a medical alert, but they save lives every day. We cannot always be there for our loved ones as much we would like.

An Alert1 medical alert provides 24/7 protection and peace of mind. Whether it be a serious fall, heart attack, or just reassurance, a medical alert gives the necessary help for any situation.

Falls happen to one third of seniors every year. We are proud to say Alert1’s medical alerts save lives—every day. Give us a call or shop online and invest in peace of mind today.