Why Are Medical Alert Systems So Ugly?

Spruce Up Your Medical Alert

We know that medical alert systems aren’t the most stylish accessories. In fact, we know that some seniors might be hesitant to wear them because of their recognizability. But these devices are identifiable by design: they’re supposed to be recognizable, easy to use, and senior friendly. 

That said, there are a few, more specific reasons why medical alert systems look the way they do, especially when it comes to wearable pendants. We’ll unpack some of those explanations below and include some tips for making your wearable pendant a fashion statement.

Senior-Friendly Technology is Important

Medical alert pendants look they way they do because they prioritize usability over style. A smaller, more discreet device would hinder the effectiveness of the device. Here’s how. 

  • Small buttons are difficult for seniors. There’s a reason the button is the most recognizable feature on a medical alert device. In an emergency, a senior needs to recognize and access this button quickly. If the button were smaller or harder to find, a person in an emergency could lose valuable time.
  • They should be recognizable. If an accident renders a senior unable to use the medical alert system, somebody nearby should be able to recognize the device without trouble. This is one reason why many systems look similar – the more recognizable they are, the easier it will be for a passerby to recognize it as a tool in an emergency.
  • Simplicity is important. We know that many seniors are frustrated by technology. Newer technologies tend to cram too many functions into a single device – think smartphones, iPads, and even vacuum cleaners with WiFi network connections. Medical alert systems are designed to prioritize senior needs. With an Alert1 pendant, there should be no question as to what the device does or how it’s used. 

We should also note that this technology needs to be financially accessible. Alert1 prices are lower than Life Alert’s costs, but we know that a medical alert system can be a financial burden. We use high-quality materials in our pendants, but we don’t want to spend unnecessarily on making these systems flashy. Utility is important, and we prioritize that in all of our devices. 

Tips for Customizing Your Medical Alert Pendant

Alert1 Medical Alarm Buttons

We know that looks are important, especially for seniors. Many older adults gain confidence from their clothing and outfit choices, and an emergency response pendant might cramp your style. The medical alert systems from Alert1 are far more discreet than other popular options. Our wearable pendants are sleek and simple with a white face and a colorful button

We recognize that seniors might be self-conscious of this addition to their wardrobe. If you’re interested in jazzing up your device’s look, consider replacing the nylon string with something flashier, like a gold or silver chain. You can also add beads to the string to help frame the pendant, making it look more like a piece of statement jewelry than a medical system. Just remember that a medical alert device is only as useful as it is accessible, so don’t try to hide it in a place that’s out of reach.