Do You Need a Home Alert System for Seniors?

Home alert systems can be a great comfort for seniors ageing in place. Many are easy to use, easy to set up, and provide much-needed security. In most cases, these systems work by contacting a central monitoring station when a sensor is triggered. Similar to a medical alert system, a home alert system for seniors will automatically call for help if the device senses an intruder. 

This, however, creates a small hole in the home’s armor. These systems rely on a sensor to be triggered. In most cases, you’ll want the ability to easily and quickly contact help if there is someone in your home. After all, not every part of the house can be equipped with sensors.

While a home alert system for seniors is a great way to stay safe, adding a medical alert system to the mix can bolster safety and comfort. Whether you want to use one in place of an alarm system or to complement existing security, you can’t go wrong with keeping a medical alert device in your home.


How Can a Medical Alert System Help?

A medical alert system can be a great complement, or alternative, to a home security system. Pressing an emergency button is a more direct way of receiving help than relying on sensors. If you’re worried about a break-in, a security system can be your first line of defense, but your medical alert system can help you access the help you need.

Here’s a situation in which a medical alert system can be a great complement to a home alert system for seniors:

After a long day of running errands and fixing up the house, you’re happy to be going to sleep at an early hour. You turn on your home alarm system, grab your book, and get into bed for a relaxing evening. Suddenly, you hear someone moving around downstairs, but they haven’t triggered the alarm. You reflexively reach for the home medical alert system on your bedside table. You press the button, and after a few seconds, a calm voice comes over the line asking what you need. “I think someone is inside my house,” you whisper. Then, you hear a familiar voice coming from downstairs: “Mom! I brought over some lasagna!” You realize, with a bit of embarrassment, that it is your daughter that has ‘broken into’ your home. You explain the situation to the call operator on the medical alert device, who expresses gratitude to hear you’re okay. You both have a chuckle before you head downstairs to greet your daughter.

We should note that some elderly people are skeptical of installing a home alert system. Many people don’t like the idea of having cameras or sensors in their homes. Others may be worried they will accidentally trigger the system while moving around at night. Whatever the case, you should always have a way to stay protected while in your home. If you don’t want an alarm system, a medical alert device is a great alternative. 

Choose Your Home Alert Device

Alert1 provides a number of helpful home medical alert systems. Importantly, our rates are consistently lower than other players in the industry. This allows some of our members to feel comfortable investing in a home alert system for seniors alongside their medical alert system.