A Medical Alert System Can Protect Seniors While Doing Chores

Household chores are an important facet of senior life. Whether tidying up to prevent falls or cleaning up soap that spills on the shower floor, consistent home cleaning can help prevent accidents. 

As it turns out, spending time on household chores isn’t just good for cleaning up to preventing falls – it can also improve brain health. New research shows that older adults who spent more time on household chores showed greater brain size. This is an important factor in maintaining cognitive health. 

But some household chores, such as mopping floors, can also pose a slip and fall danger. We will always recommend a home alert system for seniors who still tidy their own homes. With emergency help just a button-push away, you can feel empowered to confidently clean your house.

Before tackling chores, especially ones that involve stairs or wet and slippery surfaces, a home alert system for seniors can ensure you get help in the event of an emergency.

How Do Chores Improve Brain Health?

We know that exercise is important for neurological health. Moving your body increases your heart rate. That, in turn, pumps more oxygen to the brain. Exercise can also promote brain plasticity by helping new connections grow between essential parts of the brain. This is why continuing to exercise – going for walks and leisurely bike rides – is important as people age.

But new research shows that household chores can provide similar benefits to exercise. The study, published in the journal BMC Geriatrics, showed that older adults who spent more time on household chores had greater brain volume. This phenomenon contributes to improved memory and learning capacity, as well as cognition. The chores included in the study involved dusting, tidying, meal preparation, meal clean up, yard work, home repairs, shopping, and caregiving.

This is an exciting finding for older adults who may be staying indoors due to hot or cold weather fluctuations. But, before you pick up the feather duster, make sure you have a safety plan in place. Six out of every 10 falls happen in the home, and it is essential to move about the house safely. This is where a home alert system for seniors can provide peace of mind. 

An Alert1 System Can Keep You Safe

The link between brain health and household chores is still new, but you may be itching to start cleaning up around your home. Before breaking out the vacuum, we strongly suggest investing in a home alert system for seniors. We even recommend these devices for seniors who have never struggled with mobility and falling. Unfortunately, you don’t know you need a medical alert system until you experience an emergency. Get ahead and stay safe with an in-the-home system from Alert1.

Once your home base unit is set up and ready to go, you should feel confident in keeping up with your household chores. We never recommend pushing past your physical limits, but an alert system can help you feel secure while maintaining your home and your independence.