What the Best Alert Monitors for Seniors Have in Common

Finding the best alert monitors for seniors takes time. Between figuring out your loved one’s needs, researching pricing options, and finding a contract length you feel comfortable with, making a decision can be tough. But we at Alert1 have been in this industry since 1988, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. The best medical alerts for seniors have one thing in common: They fit easily into the user’s life.

This can mean different things for different seniors. For some, the best option is an alert system that perfectly fits their budget. For others, the best device will make them feel comfortable and confident around friends. But no matter what you choose to prioritize when researching medical alert systems, know that Alert1 has the most flexible and adaptable devices available.


Finding a Device to Fit Your Lifestyle

The best alert monitors are those you don’t have to think twice about wearing or using. These devices should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, home, and budget. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the features Alert1 users find most important. We hope these metrics make your search a little easier.

·         Wearable Options – Alert monitors for seniors should be comfortable. For some, that involves physical comfort, like using a silicone wristband or a comfortable lanyard. For others, it involves social comfort, such as feeling confident in wearing the alert system in public. It is important to have multiple options for wearing your device. This allows seniors to feel good while carrying their alert systems.

·         No Contracts – Many alert system companies lock users into long-term contracts. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for most seniors to predict what life will look like in two or three years. This is why Alert1 users value devices without contract minimums. This allows them to use the device for as long as they need it, upgrading and downgrading services to fit life’s changes.

·         Low Rates – An emergency device should fit into a person’s monthly budget. We at Alert1 pride ourselves on keeping our monthly rates low. We’ve found that most seniors – even those on fixed incomes – can afford our devices without much budgeting.

·         Easy-to-Use Features – Alert monitors are only as helpful as they are useful. Alert1 keeps the technology intuitive and easy to use. All our devices have a large, noticeable emergency button, and our fall alert systems don’t require any extra training or knowledge to use. The best alert monitors for seniors are intuitive, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Alert1. 

Choose Alert for Your Medical Alert System Needs

Medical alert systems from Alert1 prioritize all four of the above features. Whether you need alert monitors for seniors with multiple wearing options, no contracts, low rates, or easy-to-use features, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Alert1. We’ll never lock you into a long-term contract, and we take care to price our devices fairly and affordably. If you’re not sure which device is best for your senior’s needs, we’re more than happy to help you out.