Voice Extender

Voice Extender Box

Alert One® can be extended so the emergency operator can hear and talk with you from remote areas in your home.

While the Alert1 medical alarm system comes standard with a powerful 2-way voice feature that is sufficient for most homes, some people may have areas of their home that are beyond this range.

That’s why we are so pleased to offer the voice extender. The voice extender allows you to have all the benefits of 2-way voice service without having to shout to be heard. The Alert1 medical alarm service can be extended to allow the emergency operator to hear and talk with you from anywhere in your home. It’s easy to understand why the voice extender is so popular. The easy-to-install unit extends the 2-way voice feature of your medical alarm system.

Just like the base unit, the voice extender can be used as a speakerphone. It mounts easily on the wall and is available for table-top use. It does require connections to power and phone lines.

The voice extender is ideal for multi-story homes and large ranch-style homes. It can be used in areas where you may have trouble hearing the operator under normal conditions. However, the Alert1 system does not rely on voice communication alone to keep you safe: if Alert1 receives an emergency signal, but cannot get a response from you for any reason, we will dispatch help. 

Because the range of a medical alert system can be impacted by the layout and construction materials of a home, please test your entire Alert1 system, including your voice extender, to see  if there are any places in your home where you do not have coverage. 

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