How Do I Use a Medical Alert System?

1. Press

1. Press

Your 100% showerproof help button will get you help for any type of emergency, big or small, 24/7

2. Respond

2. Respond

A US-based operator from one of our two Command Centers come on the line to assist you in seconds. Even if you cannot speak– we follow the procedures set up ahead of time to make sure you get help

3. Help Arrives

3. Help Arrives

We stay on the line with you until help arrives so that you are never alone. We reduce worry by notifying your family members, neighbors or doctors

If you’ve never used an alarm device before, you may be asking yourself: How do I use a medical alert system? We’ll walk you through the steps, then provide some specialized advice on individual Alert1 products. 

To use your medical alert system, simply press the emergency help button on the medical alert pendant to connect the Command Center. An operator will come on the line over the device’s speaker and ask if you need help. The operator will send your personalized emergency responders. That could be EMS, your neighbor, or your family – you get to choose.


Ordering a Medical Alert System

Home Medical Alert Device

In-Home System

When investing in a medical alert system, it is important to get the system that is right for you. Your first question shouldn’t be, How do I use a medical alert system? Instead, it should be: How do I choose a medical alert system. Luckily, Alert1 offers a variety of medical alert systems for you to choose from. You can customize your protection to best fit your needs.

Fall Detection System

Fall Detection Medical Alert Device

For extra security, you can opt for fall detection technology. The pendant senses a fall and automatically notifies the 24/7 Command Center, even if you can’t push the help button. The home fall detection system has a range of 400 feet from the base unit. With this system, you’ll never ask, How do I use a medical alert system? again. The pendant will do most of the work for you. 

Mobile Medical Alert

Mobile Medical Alert Device

Those who want protection on the go can opt for a mobile medical alert system. The cell service and location services the device uses are included at no extra cost or set up. The mobile device has a microphone and speaker to enable easy, 2-way communication from wherever you are. Even if you do not know your location, help is sent directly to you. 

Mobile + Fall Detection

Mobile Fall Detection

The Alert1 mobile fall detection pendant can protect you on-the-go to fit your active lifestyle. The pendant will detect a fall and automatically call for help. The device is GPS enabled, so even if you don’t know where you are, we will send help directly to you. Press the help button to connect with an operator over the loudspeaker and microphone in the pendant.   

Mobile + Home Fall Detection

Mobile + Home Fall Detection

The Alert1 mobile + home fall detection is the ultimate 2-in-1 device to keep you safe at home and on your outdoor adventures. The PAX Plus is GPS enabled to keep you protected on-the-go. When a fall is sensed, or the help button is pressed, an operator will come on the line to get you help immediately.

When you're at home, put PAX Plus in its Cradle to charge and switch to your compact home fall detection pendant. 

Setting up the System


To set up your home medical alert, simply plug the base unit of the system into an electrical outlet and into your phone jack.

If you have a landline phone, simply plug the system into an outlet and your phone jack. The base unit is already synced with the medical alert button so once it is plugged in, just press your help button to activate your medical alert. An operator will come on the line and ask you if you need help - tell them that you are setting up the system for the first time.

The mobile medical alert system arrives activated and ready to use. The charging station needs to be plugged into an outlet, and the pendant plugged into the charger. The pendant just needs a quick charge and then it is ready to go. Press the help button to activate and tell the operator you are setting up the system for the first time.

Installation is simple for all of our devices – just plug it in and test!

How do I Use a Medical Alert System for a Test?


Installation is simple for all of our devices – just plug it in. After the device is plugged into an outlet, press your help button to active the system. Just inform the operator that you are testing, and your installation is complete. If you still have lingering questions after asking yourself, how do I use a medical alert system? the operator will be able to provide some answers.

We recommend that you test your button monthly. This will ease any worries you may have about your help button working. Plus, you will get to chat with one of our friendly Command Center operators. If you have any further questions about how to use a medical alert, or would like to place an order, do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-598-7953. We would love to hear from you!