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Alert1 members always tell us how much they love the service we provide them. But what exactly is it about us that makes them love us? It's because we aren't just another company that sells medical alerts to seniors.

We deliver a promise to keep you safe and stay by your side when you need help. Here at Alert1, members love us because we provide affordability, reliability, value, and a commitment to safety.  


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Alert1 Keeps Seniors in Their Lifelong Homes


Seniors today are ready to age in place in their own homes. They want to keep their independent lifestyle, rather than move in with their children or into an assisted living facility. However, their safety must always be number one.

There are many ways Mom and Dad can live at home well into their golden years and remain safe.That's why an Alert1 help button is the perfect solution for any senior who wants to live safe. A first alert medical system brings extra peace of mind while they age in place.

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Access to the Right Help 24/7

Caring For Parents

Elderly 911 alerts are a great way for seniors to remain in the homes they love. With a first alert system, older adults always have someone looking out for them. With the push of a button, fear of an emergency situation is erased.

Once Mom or Dad pushes the help button worn around their neck or wrist, they will be connected with an Alert1 trained emergency operator. The operator will come on the line and ask if they need help. In addition to remaining calm and assessing the situation, the operator will alert their Circle of Care.

While some seniors may be nervous about calling 911 for help, or are not sure if their situation is really an emergency, an emergency response operator can help guide the member to the right help quickly, without the risk of over or under reacting to a situation. They can send out a 911 alert right away, or they can send a neighbor or nearby family member if that is more appropriate.

An Alert1 Medical Alert is Reliable

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Medical alert devices help provide seniors and their friends and families with peace of mind. A trained operator is standing by to ready to help at any time of the day.

Alert1 is committed to delivering the most reliable services to our members.  Alert1’s monitoring centers go through a rigorous certification process each year, run by the The Monitoring Association (TMA). According to the TMA's official website, the organization is committed to five points of excellence that companies must pass to gain recognition. The TMA runs random inspections and quality criteria to ensure those in need during an emergency are being properly taken care of.

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Alert1’s Medical Alerts are Easy to Install


Some older adults are wary of getting an Alert1 alarm system because they think it may be too difficult to figure out. However, getting started with an Alert1 medical alert system is fast and easy. Once your medical alert system arrives, all you need to do is plug in the charger. Place a test call by pressing the help button, and you will be all set!

 If you need extra help setting up your system, Alert1’s technical support is available online or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alert1 has been dedicated to helping seniors continue to live safely and independently in their own homes. To see if you or a family member can benefit from a medical alert system, take our Which Medical Alert is Best For You? quiz. 

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Alert1 is committed to keeping you safe so you can enjoy the peace of mind of 24/7 protection.

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