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Silver Pearl Necklace.alert1 medical alerts

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  • Sleek design for daily wear
  • Elegant silver and pearl beads 
  • Hangs 19" from back of neck
  • Lightweight, durable material 
  • Lobster claw hook can hold IDs, keys and more

All our medical alert necklaces are compatible with your Alert1 home medical alert button (not fall detection), Kelsi mobile medical alert pendant, as well as with Life Alert® and Lifeline® medical alert buttons.

Product Description

Make a Big Statement

The Silver Pearl Necklace is the perfect glam accent to any outfit. It wears softly, but makes a big statement.  This necklace makes our members feel fashionable and beautiful, just like they should! Why settle for a plain emergency button lanyard when you can live with elegance, confidence, and charm?

Sophisticated and Glamourous

The Silver Pearl medical alert necklace is far from plain and ordinary. The silver and pearl beads accentuate the necklace’s lustrous glow. It creates a look of glamour and sophistication that is hard to resist. The eye-catching look will make you the envy of your friends and family!

Hard to Break, Easy to Wear

The clasp is easy to open and close, but stays securely on your neck. The silver beads, pearls and crystal gem accents hang sturdily on a durable wire. Deliver a playful, fun accent to your look. The beautiful ornamentation on this piece looks rich, and is feather light.

Add Style and Beauty to Your Days

This high-end accessory is more than just a necklace. It will add style and beauty to your days, while allowing you to live a safe and independent life in your own home. You can host dinner parties or spend time with your grandkids while wearing the Silver Pearl Necklace - it will keep you feeling confident, vibrant, and joyful.


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