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Why pay more for your medical alert system?

Our alert pendants and bracelets start at just $19.95/month!

If you’re looking for the best medical alerts or “button alarms,” flexible payment plans, world class emergency response service, and optimal value, then welcome to Alert1! We’re confident you’ll find that service for service and dollar for dollar, Alert1 stands out as the clear choice to provide protection and peace of mind for you or your loved ones.

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5 Reasons Why Alert1 is
the Best Medical Alert Company

1. Value

We have systems to meet every need, lifestyle, and budget (invaluable protection at affordable pricing)

2. Support

Once a member sends an alert, our emergency response team stays on the line with them until help arrives (not all companies do this)

3. Transparency

Alert1 does not charge our members for "false alarms" or multiple emergency button-pushes (some other companies do)

4. Flexibility

We provide monthly service plan options so no one is "locked in," as well as discounted annual plans (some of our competitors only offer multi-year plans)

5. Service

Our emergency Command Centers are staffed by trained agents who are available 24/7/365 (professional responders are always standing by)

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We hope you’ll agree that when it comes to benefits and overall value, no other medical alert system provider compares to Alert1!