About the Alert1 Staff: Meet Tracy Layden

Tracy Layden

Tracy Layden is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist who loves doing the unexpected and defying expectations. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Tracy leads the marketing efforts at Alert1 and is the editor of the Alert1 blog.

Tracy holds a degree in mathematics from Scripps College. Prior to Alert1, she wrote about fashion for The Working Wardrobe and studied the mathematical theory of elliptic curves and non-Euclidean geometry. Her thesis is titled “Factoring the Duplication Map on Elliptic Curves for Use in Rank Computations” and it discusses the strange things that happen when you do not assume that parallel lines never meet.

Tracy is an experienced performer who has been dancing since she was very little. She has grown up to be a nationally ranked ballroom dancer who has performed in off-Broadway musicals. She regularly acts in Renaissance festivals and Halloween Haunts and is a member of the Bliss Dance Company.

Tracy is an accomplished equestrian. Alongside her American Quarter horse named Zips Barbie Doll, she has won enough ribbons, belt buckles, and golden horseshoes that she has run out of wall space to display them. Outside of horseback riding, Tracy’s awards include a nomination for the Marie McSpadden Sands Merit Awards in Writing and the Lind Family Prize in Mathematics.

Tracy did not expect to end up in marketing, but her background in both mathematics and the liberal arts prepared her well. She loves that marketing allows her to seamlessly combine data with her artistic ability. Tracy considers her superpower to be her ability to solve problems by seeing all of the possible ways to get to a solution.

Tracy’s favorite thing about Alert1 is helping families stay safe and giving them peace of mind. Through her own experiences she knows what it is like for families to come together to take care of an elderly family member. Tracy is dedicated to making the world a better place and believes that the company’s mission will help her do just that. Her goal is to create the best possible experience for Alert1 members.

In addition to writing and editing the Alert1 blog, you can find Tracy writing about the latest fashion trends, lifestyle tips, and senior care advice on blogs around the internet.

When she's not dancing, writing, or creating website experiences, you can find Tracy watching content on Youtube or reading a good book. She particularly enjoys riding her horse through the golden California hills. She loves to drive her 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata with the top down on beautiful blue-sky days.

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Want more from Tracy? She is a regular guest contributor on popular blogs. You can find her work on:

  • MariaShriver.com
  • Seniorhomes.com
  • Caringbridge.com
  • Theworkingwardrobe.com

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And you can learn even more about Tracy or drop her a note by going to her website at www.tracylayden.com