About the Alert1 Staff: Meet Sarah Anzalone

Sarah Anzalone

Sarah Anzalone is a marketing intern who has been part of the Alert1 team since 2016. She is a Bay Area native who recently transferred from West Valley Community College to San Jose State University and is in pursuance of a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. She cannot wait to graduate from school and continue her professional career.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling to new locations. Being blessed to live in a state that has so many beautiful, diverse places, she is never at a loss for a new area to visit and explore. Although she recently travelled to both China and the east coast, she desires to explore much more of the world in the near future. She loves to experience every aspect of a new culture from trying new cuisines to visiting stunning historical sites. 

Sarah believes that Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth. She has visited there at least once a year ever since she has become independent. This is her favorite amusement park since all the rides are so immersive and none of them make her nauseous. When being able to experience all her favorite childhood stories once again, not even long lines can keep her down.

Sarah is also a small dog owner who is passionate about all types of dogs. When walking down the street with her, she is guaranteed to always point out any cute, fluffy puppy that she sees. She believes that your dog will always be a lifelong friend to cheer you up since they are never lacking in excitement.

Although Sarah is pursuing a degree in Accountancy, she enjoys the amount of creativity that her marketing position provides her. She also loves photography, writing, music, and art. You will often find her at a variety of concerts or museums in her free time. Lately, she has been adoring all the various festivals that she is privileged to attend. They are an amazing mixture of cool art pieces, her favorite musicians, and the most delicious, innovative foods.

Sarah is personally ambitious about assisting seniors in aging gracefully since she is so close to her own family who is experiencing this journey every day. She desires to give every family the assurance that their grandparents can live safe and comfortable lives. She believes that seniors should be able to to live the same exciting, carefree lives which are full of fun activities just as she does. That’s why she believes in Alert1’s medical alert devices to protect seniors for their on-the-go lifestyles.


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