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About the Alert1 Staff: Meet Anisha Agarwal

Anisha Agarwal

My name is Anisha Agarwal, and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Here at Alert1, I am the Team Operations Coordinator.

At Alert1, we love to wear many different hats. As the Team Operations Coordinator, I recruit and foster new talent, maintain employee relationships, improve processes, and help our organization thrive.

I recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Psychology. 

I have a passion for understanding team composition, the effectiveness of management, and the importance of finding the right employees. With this knowledge, my goal is to help Alert1 succeed and remain competitive in today’s marketplace. If we can take good care of our employees, we can provide even better care to our members.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “to have a friend is to be a friend.”

Along with my passion for team dynamics and organizational success, I love shopping, eating, and spending time with my family. You can probably find me at the mall at least once a week and ordering pizza every other night! I have always had a love for a good meal and trying new cuisines. My new year’s resolution is to be open to new experiences. If you are also ready for new experiences, you should try Alert1. We will not let you down!

I have always been dedicated and hardworking when trying to achieve my goals. Alert1 allows me to be compassionate, provide our members great service, and ensure their safety with the appropriate medical alert system. You can rely on Alert1! We have a bright future ahead.


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