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Folks shopping for medical alert systems will inevitably look for Life Alert alternatives. Life Alert is one of the best-known companies in the medical alert industry.  Life Alert's prices are roughly three times as high as those of Alert1.1 We at Alert1 like to think of ourselves as one of the best, more accessible Life Alert alternatives. We are dedicated to giving seniors and their family members safety, security and peace of mind, at one of the most affordable rates in the industry. 


Alert1's medical alert systems get help fast. With the press of the help button, you will connect to an emergency responder at our 24/7 Command Center. We notify your predesignated Circle of Care and the appropriate medical authorities as needed, and we stay on the line until that help arrives.



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Alert1 Service for 24/7 Protection

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When looking for Life Alert alternatives, you’ll probably want to see how other companies stack up. We at Alert1 want you to know that you’ll only receive the best protection with our devices. We can also help you find a medical alert system that fits into your lifestyle – whether you’re prone to falls, spend most of your time outside, or like the coziness of home.

With Alert1 you get personalized service and value-added benefits that you won't find with our competitors, including:

  • A Command Center that stays on the line with you in an emergency
  • Unlimited talk time and button pushes, with no extra charge
  • Flexible payment plans with no long-term contracts required

Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get on the go protection with Alert1


About Alert1

No Contracts No Long-Term Contracts Required
Highly Recommended Highly Recommended
Unlimited Talk Time Unlimited Button Pushes
Qualified Monitoring Qualified Monitoring
Fair Employer Fair Employer
Hassle Free Returns Hassle-Free Shipping
Secure Data Secure Data
Nationwide Service Nationwide Service

Multilingual Protection Multilingual Protection


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How It Works

1. Press

1. Press

Your 100% showerproof help button will get you help for any type of emergency, big or small, 24/7

2. Respond

2. Respond

A US-based operator from one of our two Command Centers come on the line to assist you in seconds. Even if you cannot speak– we follow the procedures set up ahead of time to make sure you get help

3. Help Arrives

3. Help Arrives

We stay on the line with you until help arrives so that you are never alone. We reduce worry by notifying your family members, neighbors or doctors


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Get Peace of Mind with an Alert1 Medical Alert System

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Medical alert systems help seniors age in place and live independently. With help at the push of a button, you get the peace of mind that you are protected 24/7.


When looking for LifeAlert alternatives, choose Alert1. We offer the best service you’ll be able to find, always at the fairest prices. Life Alert is not the only medical alert company. See why some members chose Alert1 over Life Alert and give us a call today.

Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get on the go protection with Alert1


Life Alert  is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.

1As of May 2021