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Older adults may face a host of challenges unique to senior citizens: disability, chronic illness or weakened physical strength can make it tough for seniors to live on their own. But for people who prefer to continue living independently, installing medical alert systems can provide the extra assistance they need to live safely in the homes they love. 

This type of system puts the ability to get the right emergency assistance any time of the day or night literally into the hands of seniors.  Discreet wearable help buttons connect wirelessly to medical alarm base systems that can send alarms to a monitoring center which will quickly pick up the call, evaluate the situation, and dispatch the right type of responders.

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Commitment to Value

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While other Life Alert ® alternatives require installation fees, Alert1's system can be installed in three easy steps. And with monthly and annual service plans, Alert1 provides older adults and their families with the flexibility to choose emergency monitoring services that meet their unique circumstances. Because Alert1 is committed to giving their customers the coverage they and their families need. You receive unlimited protection from our emergency monitoring centers, a waterproof help button, and unlimited talk time so you that you'll never worry about how often you press your button.

Commitment to Security

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When you need to call emergency services, time is of the essence. That’s why Alert1 has two fully staffed and duplicated emergency response centers that are ready to take your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week; no matter when you contact our response centers, you’ll get prompt service and emergency personnel will be called to your home promptly. Other Life Alert ® alternatives have only a single call center, or have not fully duplicated their call centers, leaving single points of failure that might cause their emergency monitoring service to go off line.

Accessories for Extra Security

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Alert1’s products can give you more freedom within your home. In addition to medical alarm systems and help buttons to  wear around the neck or wrist, there are optional accessories you should consider to make the system work best for you or your family member. For those who want protection on the go, we offer a mobile medical alert as well.

Although Alert1 recommends that you always wear your help button, we also offer a wall mounted call buttons in case the subscriber has an emergency when not wearng the button.  The wall mounted button can be placed in a bedroom  or kitchen—places where falls and other accidents tend to be more common. Additionally, a voice extender can enable you to communicate more easily with the operator via your system throughout very large or multi-story homes. A lock box can store your house key safely outside of your home to allow emergency personnel to enter your home without breaking windows or doors when help is needed. Finally, our medical dispenser helps reduce missed or too many pills—an essential for older adults who must follow complicated instructions to take their medications correctly.

The ability to live independently and safely is important for older adults, and with Alert1, maintaining independence is possible. Alert1 is committed to our customers, and dedicated to helping make their lives easier through medical alert system alternatives that deliver value and safety.

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Plans Starting at Just $29.95/month

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