Pets and Safety Tips for Seniors

Having a pet around can be a wonderful pick-me up for those of you seniors who live alone. However, interacting with our animals can often lead to messes and accidents — a dangerous combination when seniors are involved. Keep yourself safe and worry-free! Here are some preventative tips and things to look out for when having your favorite companions around. 

Pets & Safety for Seniors

What to Look Out for


 Pets can be a danger for seniors. Pet toys and leashes can cause accidental trips and falls. Look out for these common dangers:

  • Pet toys: Small objects such as a toy bone or a ball can be hard to see. If you see any pet toys lying around the floor, be sure to pick them up right away. You should have a designated spot for all your pet items!
  • Overexcited pets: Pets who are too excited tend to jump around a lot. They are very hyper active. Due to their eagerness, they sometimes run around between peoples’ legs. If you have an over excited pet, be very cautious when roaming around the house.
  • Leashes: Sometimes it’s hard to see a leash on the floor, and it’s easy to trip over it. You should have a specific location to hang your pet’s leashes.

Whenever you are walking around your home, be cautious of any objects lying on the ground. If there is something, carefully pick it up and take it to its indicated spot.

Pets Perfect for Seniors

Parrot on Hand
Two bunnies in field
Orange tabby cat
Two golden retrievers

A pet is a senior’s best friend! But what pet is the ideal choice for a senior? Here are some pets that would be a great companion for a senior.


A cat is an ideal choice if you like a peaceful and quiet home. Cats are very calm and collected so you’ll never get a noise complaint. There’s no need to feel lonely because cats love to cuddle! A cat is also small and light, so seniors can easily lift them if needed. Cats are also very protective of their home, and it sometimes makes seniors feel more secure. 


A bunny can be the perfect pet. Most of the time bunnies are kept in a small cage that can fit anywhere in the house. If the bunny is nowhere near the feet of seniors, seniors are less likely to accidentally trip over their pet. Bunnies also don’t require a lot of attention. All they need is to be fed food and water and have their cage cleaned every once in a while. The soft fur of a bunny is also great to hold and cuddle.


If you are someone that loves to have a loud home, a bird is the perfect choice for you. Birds chirp all day long, so your home will never be silent. You can choose from a variety of birds. Try out something new and choose the one with the most colors!


Getting a fish tank with lots of colorful fish will have you feeling under the sea. If you love the ocean and its wildlife, fish are the perfect pet for you. You can even add soothing wave sounds and it will feel like you’re at the beach! Fish are also very easy to be taken care of. They only require fish food and a clean tank.


If you are a dog person, the best pet to have is a dog. Dogs are energetic and fun to play with. There is never a dull moment with them. To keep yourself and your dog healthy, take your pet on regular walks. Take a trip to your local park or perhaps just walk around the neighborhood. Dogs love to be pet and we love to pet them too! If you want to avoid accidental trips, avoid small dogs. Small dogs can easily run between your legs, so opt for a larger dog. Dogs can also be easily trained to sit. This way if you need to walk around the house, your dog will be trained and not be running around everywhere.

Seniors and Pets

Man and Dog


Now that you have gone through a list of pets perfect for seniors, what are you waiting for? It’s time to add a new member to the family! Stop by your local pet store and get the ideal pet for you. Just be sure to keep you and your pet safe at all times.