The Best Medical Alert with Fall Detection Reduces Complications

Fall Detection Medical Alert Device

Falls at home are a major cause of injuries and hospitalizations for seniors. One third of people over the age of 65, and half of all people 80 years and older, fall each year. Falls are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma. Even if a fall is not lethal, it can create lifelong problems that impact quality of life and mental health.

According to a 2006 Canadian study, seniors who are housebound or living alone are at greater risk for falls. Additionally, a study in Nottingham, England found that seniors who lack social networks and community support may be more likely to undertake higher-risk activities that can increase their risk of falling. The solution? Finding the best medical alert with fall detection available. This ensures fast help in the case of an emergency. And, if you’re in the market for one of these devices, you’re in the right place.

Medical Alerts Bring Needed Help Fast


While falls in the elderly do not always result in an injury, they may leave the senior unable to get to their feet. A 1993 study by the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that 47% of the time seniors without injury were unable to get up without assistance after an immobilizing fall. In many cases, this means they will not be able to press the button on a medical alert system. Only the best medical alert with fall detection will allow a senior to access the help they need.

Getting help quickly makes a big difference: According to a 1993 study by The New England Journal of Medicine, seniors who use medical alerts are admitted to the hospital fewer times and have shorter stays than those who live without medical alert systems. The answer is clear: find the best medical alert with fall detection. Alert1 products with fall detection offer the best service at the fairest prices in the industry. 

Experts Recommend Medical Alerts for Seniors

Mobile + Home Fall Detection

Medical alerts can reduce the seriousness of injury complications by ensuring prompt treatment and reduced harm. If you don’t have one yet, consider any of the user-friendly options available from Alert1. With added fall detection, you can rest assured that your health and safety are in capable hands.

If you’re on the fence about trying a medical alert system, we have a solution. You can evaluate whether medical alerts will help you or a loved one live more safely and independently by taking our simple online quiz. This quiz will ask questions about whether you have fallen, whether you have experienced recent hospitalizations, and your general health. Then, if you’re ready to make the leap, invest in the best medical alert with fall detection available.