Personal Alert Systems for 24/7 Assistance

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For seniors who are living independently, having a reliable and fast way to get help in any emergency is essential. Personal alert systems and devices that provide easy access to emergency assistance can give you or an elderly family member the support needed to live independently and safely.


As people age, they often develop medical conditions that increase the risk of falling. Elderly people can also become less flexible and resilient, making it difficult to get back on their feet if they do fall. According to a study by the American Medical Association in 1993, almost half of seniors who weren’t injured in the fall still could not get up without assistance. While there are several strategies people can use to prevent falls, investing in personal alert systems can get you help when you need it most.


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Personal Alert Systems are the Solution

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Many seniors must take many medications to control their conditions. Almost a third of adults over the age of 57 take at least five prescription drugs every day, while those who have chronic illnesses may take more than 20 prescription drugs. Drug interaction can cause dizziness, which increases the likelihood of falling.


These conditions lead to a frightening prospect for seniors: nearly one third of those over the age 65 fall every year, and the percentage increases to fifty percent for those over the age of 80. Those who have fallen once are 2-3 times more likely to suffer a subsequent fall.


Given the high risks of falls or other medical emergencies for seniors, personal alert systems are an essential tool for preserving senior safety and independence. They provide smart help at the push of a button, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

Services You Can Trust

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Not all personal emergency response systems are created equal. While most systems operate by notifying emergency personnel that you need help, not every service works in every location.  Alert1 services are available all over the country, even in rural areas — anywhere there is a standard phone line.


While many competitors offer just one service plan, or no accessories to customize the solution to meet your needs, Alert1’s selection of services and products offer you flexibility and choices. Throughout your home, Alert1’s emergency response operators can be accessed quickly and easily, just by pressing the wearable personal alert system’s button. 

Affordability You Can Count On

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Saving money is often essential for older adults. That’s why Alert1’s services are designed to be both reliable and affordable for seniors and their families. Other services may charge you for their equipment, but with Alert1, you pay only service plan costs.


Additionally, Alert1 always provides promotional offers to deliver additional value and safety for our customers. For seniors living with their spouses, Alert1 provides emergency monitoring for the spouse for free, as well as a free help button. Alert1 helps you get the most for your money. 

Commitment You Can Depend On

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Alert1 has been committed to providing their customers with reliable and affordable personal alert systems. Not only have we earned an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and are highly rated on Consumer Affairs, but we also back our products with a 30-Day Refund Policy. If you successfully test our personal alert systems and still wish to cancel Alert1 within 30 days, you will be eligible for a 100% refund of your service plan payment.


Please note that Alert1 services are not refundable after 30 days, so choose the service plan that gives you the best balance of price and flexibility. The refund is not applicable for monthly service plans.


Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end there. We also offer free lifetime technical support--available both online and from our call agents.  And your privacy is important to us, so we will never sell your email address or other contact information. We focus on providing customer service that is both personal and highly professional.


When it comes to your safety, Alert1 provides the monitoring equipment and services you need to maintain your independence. Our commitment to our customers guides our actions, and we work hard every day to earn the trust of our customers. We don’t just offer personal alert systems. We offer peace of mind. 

30 Day Refund Policy

30 Day Refund Policy (Oct 2017)

Alert1 offers multiple payment plans so you can choose the service that best meets your needs for price and flexibility. Our members are never locked into a multi-year contract. You may cancel your service at any time, without any cancellation charges.

To qualify for a refund, new members must subscribe to an annual or semi-annual service plan, use the medical alert device to place a successful test call to the Command Center and return the device in its original condition within 30 days of initial purchase. Any pre-paid shipping, warranty and activation fees are non-refundable.