The Figaro Chain Medical ID Bracelet

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  • Chain and tag made of durable stainless steel
  • 7.5" total length with the ID tag
  • Tag dimensions 1 1/2" x 1/2"
  • Sturdy clasps to hold the ID tag
  • Weighs 0.7 oz

Product Description

The Figaro Chain Medical ID Bracelet is a great option for anyone with a lasting medical condition. Its neutral design makes it a good fit for both men and women. This medical ID bracelet is designed to fit your active lifestyle by working alongside your mobile medical alert. The linked chain is made of stainless steel and is designed to last. The medical ID tag is secured to the chain by two sturdy clasps, which make the bracelet easy to remove or put on. 

The Figaro Chain Medical ID Bracelet includes a medical identification tag. This means you do not need to buy it separately. The tag comes with a set of 16 medical condition stickers. Up to four of these stickers can be placed on the reverse side of the medical ID tag for quick reference. The complete list of medical conditions includes the following:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Diabetes 1
  3. Diabetes 2
  4. Blood Thinner
  5. Coumadin
  6. No BP/ needles left arm
  7. No BP/ needles right arm
  8. Penicillin Allergy
  9. Heart Patient
  10. Asthma
  11. Peanut Allergy
  12. Seizure Disorder
  13. Gastric Bypass No Blind NG Tube
  14. High Blood Pressure
  15. Drug Allergy
  16. Food Allergy






If you are unable to communicate in case of an emergency, a medical ID bracelet is designed to communicate essential medical information to first responders. This speeds up the emergency response process and allows you receive appropriate care as fast as possible.

The medical tag displays a red Star-of-Life emblem on its front side. This is visible and easily recognized by medical professionals. Emergency responders are trained to look for this symbol to ensure the timely administrating of proper care. It’s a standard procedure for the first responders to perform a thorough head to toe check. They specifically look for medical wristbands and necklaces.

It can be difficult to diagnose an illness if the patient is unable to communicate. The wrong diagnosis could lead to harmful consequences and unnecessary medical treatment. Quick access to your medical ID will help prevent these mistakes. shares a story of how a medical ID bracelet can communicate for you when you can’t speak:

“On a business trip last year, 28-year-old Kerri Sparling, author of the diabetes patient blog Six Until Me, was sitting at the back of a plane when low blood sugar caused her to begin sobbing uncontrollably. A flight attendant approached and asked if she were nervous about flying, which she was. "Yes...but no," Sparling says she stammered. "'I have...I have...,' and I couldn't remember the name of the disease I've been living with for twenty-something years." So she raised her wrist and pointed to her medical ID bracelet. The flight attendant understood immediately and brought her some juice. "That piece of jewelry spoke for me when I couldn't speak for myself," Sparling says.

These bracelets are among the best ways to prepare for a medical emergency. Invest in yours – and your health – today.

Make the choice to protect yourself today and let the Figaro Chain ID Bracelet keep you safe.


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EPNS (Aberdeen, WA)
We love these medical bracelet. My concerns are the allergies. I am one of those type of person that has many allergies to medications especially narcotics. Should I get into an accident of some kind the paramedics would have to go through the medical bracelet to the allergy page and that maybe too late, or should they start an I.V. and I have reaction to Lidocaine. Suggestion: is it possible to have ALLERGIES highlighted in RED on the front of the bracelet? Thank You!
Posted on 8/15/2016
Brilliant !
Annette mageo (Midway park N.C.)
I love this id bracelet. I've wanted one for some years now but couldn't afford it I received one second hand. ...How can I get more tags?
Posted on 8/8/2015
Love it!
Dolores S. (CA)
I love it. Couldn't be better!
Posted on 8/26/2014


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