Medical Alert Systems for Women

Style and Safety for Women

Wearing a medical alert system is without a doubt, a smart decision. But often times, we hear from our women members that they don't like wearing their devices. They claim that it's unsightly and embarrassing—something they wouldn't dream of wearing on a regular basis. Well, ladies, there's a way where you can dress smart and still look sharp. 

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It's no easy task finding medical alert systems for women. Most medical alert systems are unisex, which can leave the fashion-conscious woman wanting more. Our solution to this problem was to explore all the possible avenues to make these devices more appealing.

You see, it's crucial that you wear your medical alert system daily to ensure that you're always protected. By making these devices more appealing, we're hoping that you'll wear your medical alert more often always.

We have made significant strides in improving the experience of wearing a medical alert device. We began by offering a pendant style that is worn like a necklace and a wristband style that is worn like a watch. However, some members mentioned that the nylon cord could be more attractive and the plastic wristband was lacking.

We listened to your comments, ladies, and we responded by offering alternatives. We researched several jewelry styles and asked women what they enjoyed wearing. We also took cues from popular women's costume jewelry designers like Pandora for inspiration. Our version of women's medical alert necklaces feature a help button that is truly rewarding to wear because members can choose what it looks and feels like. 

Stunning Beaded Necklaces


Our medical alert systems undergo a complete transformation when coupled with these gorgeous beaded necklaces. This particular design comes in a variety of beading styles that will steal the show. The casual observer can hardly guess that it was (gasp)connected to a help button. Each necklace has its own unique look that you can pair with any outfit. These necklaces are a must-have for any occasion. Dress your device up for a fancy dinner party or heck, no reason. Dress it up and be fabulous.

Our stunning beaded necklaces are designed to be lightweight enough for everyday use. You will love the feminine feel each necklace has to offer. When you wear this necklace, you might just forget that it's a medical alert system-- everyone else sure has. 

Glamorous Ribbon Necklaces


Release your inner diva with our selection of sparkling ribbon necklaces. Each necklace is adorned with beautiful gemstones that will catch anyone's eye. In this case, you will want the attention because you're sporting a glamorous ribbon necklace-- or was it a medical alert? Who knows!

With the flip side made of soft polyester, you will love the comfy feel of the ribbon against your skin. The easily washable material makes these ribbon necklaces perfect for any activity. These dazzling ribbon necklaces are stylish enough for a night out, but comfortable enough to wear leisurely at home. Take your pick!

Here at Alert1, we want you to feel comfortable enough to always wear your medical alert system. You can wear your button with confidence knowing that not only are you safe, you're stylish too. If you are worried that those fab gemstones are going to weigh you down—don’t be. Our glamorous ribbon necklaces are incredibly lightweight. Your senior alert button never looked or felt better!

Comfy Silicone Wristbands


Women's medical alert bracelets can feel so much like hospital inpatient tags. Who would want to wear those at home on their own free will? To combat this stigma, we offer soft, silicone bracelets in several lovely colors. This is the choice for you if necklaces aren't your style. Alert1 offers these stylish wristbands as an alternative so that you can customize and accessorize your medical alert to match your outfits!

Another bonus of these wristbands is that the material will absolutely not irritate your skin while wearing it. The silicone material is silky and soft-- you're not going to want to take it off. It's a wonder how these wristbands can grasp your wrist so well yet be so gentle. You'll never have to worry about your bracelet slipping off. These are no ordinary women's medical alert bracelets. They are beautiful, waterproof, and rewarding to wear. 

When Purchasing

When purchasing a personal emergency response system for yourself, or for that special woman in your life, remember:

  1. Women will wear what makes them feel good.
  2. Mature women have had more years to develop their personal style and preferences. They should be able to express themselves, at any age—even when wearing a medical alert button.
  3. Dressing for safety doesn't mean dressing ugly! With all these accessories available, women can be the fashionistas they want to be. The more stylish that they feel, the more frequently they'll wear their medical alert. Imagine that: style that drives safety.

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