Nutritious, Delicious Power Bowls

power bowl

This easy, healthy dinner has it all—it’s good for you, it’s fast and easy to make, and it tastes great! Your taste buds will thank you.


Power Bowls

·         Two 15 oz cans of cannellini (white kidney) beans

·         10 oz of frozen chopped spinach

·         1 cup raw brown rice

·         1 cup raw quinoa

·         2 cups of water

·         2 cups of Chablis or your favorite broth/stock

·         1 bottle (approx. 16 oz.) balsamic vinaigrette

·         Feta cheese crumbles to taste

·         Dried cranberries to taste


1.     Cook quinoa with water according to package instructions.


2.      Cook brown rice with Chablis or broth/stock according to package instructions.


3.      Cook spinach according to package instructions and drain well.


4.      Open the cans of beans, place into a colander and drain well. Rinse well and drain again.


5.      Combine quinoa, rice, spinach and beans into a large pot.


6.      Add half a bottle of dressing and stir well.


7.      Heat on low until beans are warm, approximately 15 minutes, stirring frequently.


8.      Serve hot and top with dressing, cheese and cranberries to taste. Makes dinner for 4.


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