Never Too Late for Love

Love and Romance

American popular culture has long portrayed love and romance as belonging to the young. The fact is, love and romance are healthy components of every adult life, irrespective of one’s age or if they are married or single.

Married seniors, as they retire, may find a renewed passion in their relationship now that the stressors and demands of careers and child-rearing are no longer present. According to an article in Senior Citizen Today, “It is common for senior citizen couples to re-discover why they fell in love in the first place. In the process, they experience a new era of romance that is fun and thrilling for both.”

As for single seniors, post-retirement living affords the time and energy to invest in meeting new people and nurturing relationships. Numerous age-restricted social and community groups provide ample opportunities to mix and mingle.

Furthermore, without the pressures of feeling the need to start a family or build a career, senior relationships can grow deeply companionate. For those who find themselves widowed after many years of marriage, connecting with a fellow senior of the opposite sex can bring a sense of familiarity and comfort after so much time spent sharing life with another person.

As a matter of fact, a national poll on aging from the University of Michigan found that 72% of those 65–80 years old reported having a current romantic partner.

Of course, not everyone desires to date or re-marry in their Golden Years. For some, the simplicity, freedom, and independence of caring for oneself is a welcome change. And if children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are nearby, then socialization, love, and hugs are in plentiful abundance.

For senior singles who do want to find a love connection, here are some tips for meeting someone special who shares your interests and values:

  • Meeting people through your friends, family, and neighbors. Let it be known that you’re looking to date and ask if anyone knows other seniors who feel the same way.
  • Groups and community activities. This is a great, casual way to meet new people and allows for friendships to form and experiences to be shared before romance enters the picture.
  • Online dating sites. There are numerous opportunities to meet someone through sites such as AARP’s “How About We” to eHarmony Senior Dating, Our Time, Senior Match, and numerous other dating sites that may or may not factor in age, religious affiliation, and gender orientation. Just be careful as some folks have been scammed on dating websites. A rule of thumb—if anyone asks for money, block them immediately.
  • Unexpected encounters. Keep your eyes open at the grocery store, the bingo hall, the library, or the park. You never know when you’ll run into someone special. Unplanned and unexpected encounters can be great opportunities for seniors to connect as people are often more relaxed and approachable in these situations.
  • Senior living communities. Up to 90% of residents who move into these communities are single, offering a great chance to meet new friends who just may evolve into something more.

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and whether you are planning to spend this celebration of love with a sweetheart, a family member, or a good friend, here are some activities you can enjoy to commemorate this special day and feel festive:

·        Bake treats with a loved one

·        Look through old photo albums together

·        Watch a romantic comedy movie or an old classic film

·        Play cards or put a puzzle together

·        Listen to favorite music, share beloved songs with those you love

·        Call loved ones on the phone or set up a Zoom video chat

To quote Helen Keller, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."

From all of us at Alert1, we wish you and all those you hold dear a Happy Valentine’s Day!