Hoppy Spring Bunny Cake

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This adorable cake makes everyone smile, whether you’re young or just young at heart! Made with a box mix, it’s a simple and convenient way to wish everyone you know a Hoppy Spring!



1 box of white cake mix (or your favorite flavor)

3 ¼ cups flaked coconut (optional)

2 tubs vanilla frosting

30 small jellybeans

4 licorice sticks


1.       Prepare cake in 2 round 9”cake pans, according to package directions. Let cool.

2.       Place one uncut round cake on a serving tray or foil-lined cookie sheet to form the bunny's head.

3.       Cut 2 convex shaped ears from each side of the second cake layer. Place the 2 side pieces on each side of the head to create the bunny ears. Use the middle piece for the bunny’s bowtie, placing it about ½” below the head.

4.       Frost all cake pieces with the vanilla icing.

5.       Optional—cover the head and ears with the shredded coconut, forming “fur”

6.       Decorate the bowtie with jellybeans and the face with licorice. Use a pink jellybean for the nose and 2 jellybeans for the eyes.