Cancellation Request

Please be aware that by sending a Cancellation Request, you are starting the process of cancellation, however, your Membership cannot be cancelled until we receive all of the alert system equipment back. This includes pendants, wristbands, belt clips, chargers, base units, etc. The only exception is the medical alert watch which Members purchase in full at start of service. (Please note: it is not necessary to have the alert system’s “original” packaging in order to return the equipment.)

We highly encourage you to send the equipment and all system components back with package shipping insurance and to obtain a return receipt. If the system or its components are lost or damaged during shipping, the account billpayer is responsible for the replacement cost, so we urge you to properly insure the package and retain the return receipt for your records.

Please return all equipment to:

Alert1 Medical Alert Systems
Attn: Operations
1000 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 300
Williamsport, PA 17701

Please fill out the entire form below and submit by clicking on the SUBMIT FORM button.

You will receive an automatic email confirmation that your request has been sent.

Once we receive the equipment, we will email you a confirmation that your Membership has been cancelled.