What if My Loved One Pushes the Button and Doesn’t Respond?

operator responds emergency protocol

During an emergency, our Command Center operators follow Verbal or Non-Verbal Response Protocols

When your loved one presses their button or a fall is detected, an operator in one of our TMA 5 Diamond Certified monitoring centers responds to help. The operator will follow either a Verbal or Non Verbal Protocol that you set up when you order a device.  

Verbal Protocol is what the operator follows if your loved one can speak. The operator will ask if the member wants the first responder or 911.

Nonverbal is the protocol we follow if your loved one cannot talk to respond. The operator automatically reaches out to responders in your Circle of Care, in the order you have it set up.

How do I Set Up My Response Protocols?

When you order a medical alert system, during setup, an Alert1 Senior Care Specialist will ask you who you want us to call during an emergency. If the button is pressed or a fall is detected, we will call 911 or responders on your Circle of Care.

What is the Circle of Care?

A Circle of Care is the group of people we contact when your loved one presses the help button on their medical alert, or it detects a fall.

Completely Customizable

We can call 911 emergency services first, or choose up to three responders to check on your loved one. Personalize whom we call when your loved one needs help by setting up family members, friends, nearby neighbors, or anyone you want as responders.

Your loved one will prioritize these responders to their preference so that our Command Center operators know who to call first.

Keep Family in the Loop 

You can also choose to set up Notifiers. These are contacts who are notified of your loved one’s emergency, but who do not respond to help. Notifiers are alerted of the emergency only after your loved one has help on the way.

We allow your loved one to update and customize emergency responders and notifiers in their Circle of Care at any time! 

What happens if My Loved One Can't Respond?

If your loved one cannot respond for any reason, we will follow the non-verbal protocol set up when the system is purchased. (Call 911 first, family first, etc.)

If your loved one contacts the operator then fall unconscious, we will default to the protocol that was established during setup.

Even if your loved one cannot speak, our operators stay on the line the entire time and follow the non-verbal protocol.

What Happens if My Loved One is Hearing Impaired?

If your loved one is hearing impaired, Alert1 will use the non-verbal emergency protocol established during setup. When the button is pressed or a fall is detected and we hear no one on the other end, the operator will immediately begin to contact the responders in the predetermined order. This will keep your loved one safe in any emergency.

What Services do You Offer for Deaf Customers?

We have a nonverbal service that works the same way as our regular service. The only difference is we do not access the two-way microphone. If the button is pressed or a fall is detected, we will follow the protocol that was established during setup.

Alert1 Knows What to Do

Knowing Glance

Alert1 medical alerts are made to meet the needs of all our members. No matter what your loved one’s circumstance is, Alert1 knows what to do in the fastest way possible. With our verbal and non-verbal protocols, we are ready to assist them for any emergency situation.