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Compare Alert1 and Life Alert® Pendants

Life Alert® pendants are among the best-known medical alert systems in the industry. With their iconic, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” commercials, the brand has made a name for itself across generations.

Life Alert® pendants are among the best-known medical alert systems in the industry. With their iconic, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” commercials, the brand has made a name for itself across generations. And, with more people using medical alert systems today than ever before, we’re not surprised that folks are turning to the brands they know best – even if all they know is a tagline from a television commercial.

If you’re considering Alert1 and Life Alert®, this guide will walk you through the key differences between companies, products, and pricing plans. We know that most medical alert system buyers will be comparing costs and products. We want to make that process easier for you. 

Alert1 and Life Alert® Pendant Comparison Grid

Comparison shopping is the only way to get the best product for your needs. No matter your budget, lifestyle, and medical alert requirements, Alert1 will always provide the more flexible option. With customer-friendly pricing options, multilingual protection, Thayer certification, and HIPAA compliance, you can feel good about our alert pendants.


  Alert1 ® Life Alert ®
Home Annual Prices Starting At /mo¹
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No Long-Term Contract Required
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Nationwide Coverage

UL ListedMonitoring center 

Stay on the LineWe stay on the phone until help arrives

Multilingual ProtectionResponders speak over 190 different languages
 Not Listed
Same Day Shipping
For 85% or more of orders

Verizon Service Available for On-the-Go Devices
Thayer CertifiedSafe, fair working environment
HIPAA Compliant
TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Center Ensures that each center meets only the highest standards

Pacemaker Safe Buttons

Online Troubleshooting Guides
No Charges for False Alarms

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If you need more than a simple medical alert pendant, Alert1 has you covered. We have added fall detection, on-the-go options, and pendants suited to whichever lifestyle you prefer to lead

Why Our Members Care About Costs

Medical alert systems are often a preemptive safety purchase. Most folks use them in case an emergency happens. The devices serve as a safety net. This means you won’t know the value of a medical alert pendant until an accident happens. As a result, folks shopping for these devices have a close eye on costs, aiming to keep monthly rates well within the boundary of what they can afford. 

Cost is the biggest – and perhaps most important – difference between Alert1 and Life Alert® products. You’ll see that our companies have a number of similarities. We both provide 24/7 emergency monitoring and support. We both have a variety of equipment options. But, when looking at cost and minimum contract length, Alert1 is a customer-friendly option. 

What You Should Know About Life Alert® Pendant Pricing Plans

We know that financial planning is difficult. We also know that many of our members live on fixed incomes, making it difficult to work outside of a hard-set budget. That’s why our plans are some of the most flexible you’ll find in the medical alert industry. We have a minimum service term of one month, no long term contracts, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Alert1 offers several payment plan options to best meet your pricing needs. 

You might know more about Life Alert® pendants than Alert1 services. We want you to feel financially comfortable, so we’ll never lock you into a long-term contract. When you a medical alert pendant from Alert1, we’ll show you exactly why we’ve made a lasting impact on this industry.


¹Pricing of Alert1 annual service plans. Medical alert comparisons and pricing are based on standard rates, temporary promotions may apply, offers subject to change. 
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²Life Alert ® website accessed on 9/1/2020. Information updated quarterly. Life Alert ® is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.