How Does a Life Alert Emergency Response Compare to Alert1?

Both Life Alert and Alert1 provides a medical alert systems to aid in emergencies. When a user experiences an accident, they press the button to receive help. From there, the two systems differ in level of quality of response.

As with most medical alert systems, the details are what matter. Alert1 has worked hard to include additional senior-friendly features: you won’t be penalized for multiple button pushes, we stay on the line until help arrives, we offer optional fall detection, shorter contracts, and our prices are lower than most other alert systems – including Life Alert’s.1

What Are the Differences Between Life Alert and Alert1?

We know that many medical alert users are familiar with the Life Alert emergency response name. But the fast help Alert1 provides is invaluable and includes a few extra, user-friendly features and pricing options. The comparison grid below lays out the key differences between our products and services.1



  Alert1  Life Alert 
Home Annual Prices Starting At /mo¹
See Pricing
No Long-Term Contract Required
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Nationwide Coverage

UL ListedMonitoring center 

Stay on the LineWe stay on the phone until help arrives

Multilingual ProtectionResponders speak over 190 different languages
 Not Listed
Same Day Shipping
For 85% or more of orders

Verizon Service Available for On-the-Go Devices
Thayer CertifiedSafe, fair working environment
HIPAA Compliant
TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Center Ensures that each center meets only the highest standards

Pacemaker Safe Buttons

Online Troubleshooting Guides
No Charges for False Alarms

Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get your medical alert with Alert1


If you need more than a simple medical alert pendant, Alert1 has you covered. We have added fall detection, on-the-go options, and pendants suited to whichever lifestyle you prefer to lead


You’ve decided that you want a medical alert button in your home, but how much are you willing to pay for it? Would you feel safer if the emergency responder stayed on the line until help arrived? Are you comfortable signing a 3-year contract, or would you prefer trying your device for only a couple of months? All these conveniences are available with Alert1. We should note that these features are not advertised on the Life Alert website, so we are unsure whether they offer these services. 

Choosing a Medical Alert System to Suit Your Needs

Medical alert system emergency monitoring can be an essential part of your life as a senior. When you need help, you can summon family, friends, or emergency services with the push of a button. But we don’t think you should have a larger cost to use a recognizable brand like Life Alert. If you need a fast help Life Alert system, consider Alert1 as an alternative. We think you’ll be pleased with the savings, quality of service, and system options we can offer.

We want to point out a few differences between Alert1 and Life Alert emergency response services. To start, Alert1 has a lower cost. We know that most folks looking for an alert system will be comparing costs and benefits. Alert1’s home annual service is three times less expensive than Life Alert emergency monitoring, which means more people can use our services.1 We have a variety of devices to suit a wide range of senior lifestyles, all at accessible price points.

Perhaps most importantly, Alert1 is personable. Our technology offers more functions and features than Life Alert emergency response tools, and the details matter.1 When you press your button, our operators will stay on the line with you until help arrives. This personal touch can make all the difference during an emergency. 
1As of May 2021