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Mobile Fall Detection Pendant

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How It Works

1. Fall is Detected

1. Fall is Detected

Your fall detection pendant senses the fall and automatically notifies Alert1’s 24/7 Command Center. Does not detect 100% of falls - you should always press your button if you need help

2. Connect

2. Connect

A US-based operator from our Command Center comes on the line to assist you. Even if you can't speak– we follow the procedures set up ahead of time to make sure you get help

3. Send Help

3. Send Help

We call for help and then stay on the line with you until that help arrives


Product Description

Whether you are at home or on the go, you deserve to have protection you can trust. With mobile fall detection you will have quick access to help 24/7.

With Alert1 you can stay active and independent. Take you medical alert

with you on the go. If you need help, simply press the button to be connected to the Command Center. We will come on the line and speak to you through the pendant. We can send help directly to you using GPS location services. If you happen to fall, advanced sensors in the pendant
will automatically call the Command Center for you. We will send you personalized help even if you are unable to press the help button.


Lillian (Member Since 10/27/2014)
I was called with in minutes of my mother calling for help. Got to her home a few minutes later. Police and paramedics were already on scene. All went well and my mother is back home. Well done Outstanding response
Posted on 10/24/2019
Very Attentive
Mina (Member Since 1/12/2015)
Quick response very attentive and helpful called my son and my daughter on their cell phone
Posted on 9/24/2019
Gladys (Member Since 4/26/2016)
Great service !
Posted on 9/24/2019
They Are There
Odette (Member Since 8/7/2012)
they are there when you need them the most
Posted on 9/24/2019
Very Pleased
Joy (Member Since 2/4/2013)
Great job ALWAYS!! Very pleased! Daughter of Joy ******
Posted on 9/4/2019
Teresa (Member Since 8/2/2018)
Very good staff is wonderful
Posted on 9/4/2019
Got Me Up
Edward (Member Since 7/16/2019)
EMS service sent out an they got me up
Posted on 8/14/2019
Thank you
Tim (Member Since 11/25/2013)
My mother had a fall she was not hurt and the Alert 1 system work fine. She is doing well now. Thank you very much.
Posted on 8/14/2019
Marion (Member Since 9/17/2016)
Alert1 called both my brother and me immediately after Mom fell. They relayed the information and status quickly, efficiently and compassionately. I'm grateful we have the service, and recommend it.
Posted on 7/24/2019
Very Thankful
Diane (Member Since 7/19/2013)
We had to use the Alert1 system last week. I received a call at home, and at the same time the police and EMS were dispatched to my 80 year old handicapped sister's home. We all three arrived there about the same time. Does the system work? Yes it does, and in a timely manner. Had we not been set up with Alert1 my sister would have laid on the floor all night long. I am so very thankful for the kindness of the employees to my sister, and for their swift action.
Posted on 7/3/2019
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