Medical Alert Accessories: Purple Tiara Ribbon

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Purple Tiara Ribbon
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  • Embellished with sparkling metallic gems
  • Made of soft polyester, feels comfortable on your skin
  • Breakaway safety clasp
  • Hangs 18" from back of neck
  • Easily washable material
  • Lobster claw hook can hold IDs, keys and more

All our medical alert necklaces are compatible with your Alert1 home medical alert button (not fall detection), Kelsi mobile medical alert pendant, as well as with Life Alert® and Lifeline® medical alert buttons.

Product Description

Purple is the color of royalty

Wear the Purple Tiara Ribbon and feel like a true royalty. The fabric is embellished with sparkling gems to complete the regal look. No longer will you have to hide wearing your medical alert pendant! This beautiful eye-catching necklace shimmers with every movement.

Dazzling delight

Even though this iridescent necklace is studded with gems, it is extremely lightweight and durable. The jewels are embellished in a dazzling pattern you will love! The flip side of the lanyard is made of soft polyester which you will love the feel of against your skin. This fine piece of jewelry is made of washable material.

Safety comes with style

There is a breakaway safety clasp that you will hardly notice. To keep the necklace hassle-free, it is large enough to slip over your head. The lobster claw hook can hold your medical alert pendant, ID, keys and more.

Wear your medical alert device with confidence. This stunning purple necklace is perfect to wear for any occasion. Feel like a queen at a dinner party or go grocery shopping with elegance. Wear it around your home to feel like royalty every day!

Collect them all 

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Stylish and keeps me safe
Anna (Alameda, CA)
Love the feel of it on my neck!
Posted on 8/26/2014
Best birthday gift
Carrie (O)
My mother didn't want to wear her alert necklace so I bought this lanyard for her birthday. She loves it! Now she feels comfortable wearing her medical alert all the time and I feel better about her safety.
Posted on 8/26/2014

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