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Aging in Place Insights: 2013 Annual Report

2013: A Great Year at Alert1

2013 has been a great year for Alert1, as we have significantly grown as well as have broken into new areas for the Aging in Place Movement.

Continuing Our Tradition of Quality Senior Service

Alert1 gives quailty service as a provider of Senior Medical Alert Systems. In 2013, we have continued that tradition. Over 88% of our customers are highly satisfied, with 94% of them willing to recommend our medical alert systems for seniors. Many respected review agencies have demonstrated our sterling quality with their reviews. We are an A company with the Better Business Bureau. Our command centers are also of the highest caliber. They are certified by both The Monitoring Association (TMA) and the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Our excellent service has an average response time of 23 seconds, which is about a tenth of the average pull cord time!

The Flexibility of Alert1's Medical Alert System

Our medical alert system is not only a senior alert system. In fact, our service is so flexible that our youngest user is 14 while our oldest is 108!

Alert1’s medical alert system also debunks how emergency alert systems are only for seniors who live alone. 40% of our dispatches are for people who live with others at home. In fact, 21% of our emergencies are for people who live at home with others. Another whopping 19% are for those who live in assisted living facilities.

Bedazzling Seniors with our Stylish Accessories


 In 2013, we had bedazzled the Aging in Place Movement by getting Seniors to age in style with our Stylish Accessories line. These accessories allowed seniors to be stylish while enjoying their safety. They were and are so popular that they fill 3 out of the top 5 accessories sold at Alert1. We sell an assortment of lanyards ranging from our very popular classic silver necklace to our purple tiara ribbon. Many of our necklaces like our black ice ribbon or sporty pink lanyard feature beautiful gemstones. We also have started providing cool wristbands in grey, purple, and blue. These wristbands are extremely durable, allowing you to live your life both stylishly and safely. We also created different colored buttons to let seniors be safe stylishly. In 2013, our most popular color is in fact one of the new ones: granite grey.  

An Already Spectacular 2014

 We have had and are also looking forward to a spectacular 2014, as we have launched many new products. We have launched the Kelsi mobile medical alertFall Detection medical alert, and the Wireless systems.

Embracing the Senior Trend: Wireless Systems

 Do you no longer use a landline? Over the years, more and more people have been replacing their landline telephones with wireless ones. Seniors are no exception to this. Your senior can stay protected without a landline phone. At Alert1, we have embraced this change and have started offering wireless medical alert systems

Our Revolutionary Kelsi Mobile Alert System for Seniors

Kelsi Hand

We have also just launched the Kelsi mobile medical alert system, which offers you protection wherever you go. The Kelsi works both at home and on the go, making the need for an extra landline or cellular service unnecessary. You also never need to worry about knowing your location. Whenever there is an emergency we use our senior-friendly GPS location technology to find you within a 2 meter radius. It is extremely easy to keep on the Kelsi on wherever you go, as it is small and lightweight. In fact, the Kelsi weighs about an ounce. Our mobile medical alert system is also pre-programmed so that you don’t need to spend extra effort on setting it up. You also need less effort charging our mobile medical alert system, as its battery last thirty days – that is the best in the industry! Plus, you can get help nationwide because we work with T-mobile, one of the US’s most trusted nationwide carriers. However, you don’t worry about dealing with the cellular charges! We take care of it all for you.

The Vanguard of Senior Safety: The Alert1 Fall Detection System

 Our fall detection medical alert was also recently launched. This system has 5 advanced accelerometers that accurately detect falls. Once someone has fallen, the system will automatically call the command center to help you. You can use the automatic fall detection along with the emergency call button, giving you and your loved ones a great peace of mind. Fall detection is great for seniors because seniors can get help even if they are unable to press the emergency call button. For example, if a senior falls down and faints, the fall detection will be able to get the senior help.

Seniors Look Forward To More Tomorrows

Both 2013 and 2014 have been and will be great years for Alert1. In 2013, we had a great year filled with growth, especially in the industry and member satisfaction zones. We also expanded into new areas for the Aging in Place Movement with the creation of our Stylish Accessories line. Here, we have sold our immensely popular necklaces like the blue bling gemstones. In 2014, we have expanded our main lines to include more products to let Seniors age in place and live their live on the go. These include the wireless medical alert system and the fall detection system. We have also started selling the revolutionary Kelsi mobile medical alert that gives protection both at home and on the go. With all that has been done in 2013 and the beginning of 2014, it’s no wonder that we look forward to more tomorrows! 

*All Alert1 data pulled on March 14th, 2014.