About the Alert1 Staff: Meet Kayla Anzalone

Kayla Anzalone

Kayla Anzalone has been part of the marketing team at Alert1 since 2015. She is a recent graduate from San Jose State University and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business. 

 Kayla loves spending quality time with friends and family. She spends her free time traveling, hiking, going to concerts, and reading. On weekends she is either traveling to various cities in California or going to see live music. Electronic dance music is her favorite type of music, but she loves all kinds.

Growing up in Los Gatos, the Santa Cruz Mountains have a special place in her heart. Kayla loves hiking among the redwoods and spotting banana slugs. Also, living just twenty minutes from the beach, she enjoys going to the coast as often as she can. Exploring tide pools on a warm summer afternoon sounds like a perfect day.

Kayla has a passion for all different types of food. She loves sharing delicious things she has tried with others, which can take some convincing. Kayla believes she got her good taste in food from her parents, who she thinks are the best cooks in the world.

She enjoys working for Alert1 because she works with a great team that both improves and saves lives. Kayla informs current and potential members how a medical alert system can provide safety as they age in place. She regularly updates the Alert1 website and helps Alert1 stay the best it can be.

Kayla is always learning more about senior safety and aging in place, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, and how Alert1 can meet marketing goals. She has written many senior lifestyle articles on topics such as sustainability, exercise, fall prevention, elder care planning, caregivers, and home safety, just to name a few.

She loves to read positive reviews from members whose lives have changed because of Alert1. Kayla is grateful to have the opportunity to help seniors remain independent and enjoy their golden years like they deserve.


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