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Below are some questions we are often asked about our Alert1® medical alert service and medical alert devices.

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Sign Up Questions

How do I sign up for the Alert1 medical alarm service?

You may order medical alert service online or by calling our toll-free number: 1-866-581-4540. Knowledgeable and helpful Alert1 representatives are available to answer any questions you may have and to explain everything you need to know about our service.

Does Alert1 offer medical alarm service in my area?

Alert1 provides service nationwide. If you receive landline phone service in your area, we can provide you with emergency medical alarm service. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t make you order service through a local distributor—we can ship your medical alert system to you directly.

How does your 30-day money back guarantee work?

If you decide within 30 days of your order that you wish to cancel your medical alarm service, call and notify us. We will arrange and pay for the return of the equipment. Once we receive the equipment, you will receive a full refund for the service fees. Please note that Alert1 services are not refundable after 30 days, so choose the service plan that gives you the best balance of price and flexibility.

What information do I need to provide to order medical alarm service?

Ordering the Alert1 medical alarm service only takes about 10 minutes. You will need:

  • The name, address, birthdate, and phone number of the person who will be using the medical alert
  • The names and phone numbers of 2 to 3 people whom Alert1 will call in an emergency—this may include neighbors or relatives
  • A form of payment (credit card or other approved form)

That's it. We will obtain the numbers of your local emergency or 911 services for use during a medical emergency.

Do I need to provide medical information to Alert1?

No, we do not collect medical information. However, we highly encourage our subscribers to complete the Vial of LIFE form that comes in the box with the system. This form captures the important medical information that is needed in an emergency. Emergency Medical Technicians will look for the Vial of LIFE on your refrigerator and can pass this information on to the emergency room staff. The form can also be downloaded from our site.

What payment options are available?

Alert1 accepts credit cards and checks through automatic withdrawal (ACH). Monthly, quarterly, and annual payment options are available for your convenience.  Note that our monthly plan requires an initial payment of 3 months, and then is billed monthly starting in the 4th month.

How quickly can I obtain medical alert service?

Alert1 offer same-day shipping on orders received by 3pm ET. All orders are shipped via UPS. Expedited shipping is available.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Alert1 offers monthly, quarterly and annual plans to meet different customer needs, backed by our money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. Alert1 does not offer a refund on pre-paid services after the first 30 days, but also does not charge a termination fee for early cancellation of your service. You may cancel your Alert1 medical alarm service at any time by calling us at 1-800-693-5433 to obtain cancellation instructions and a return code.

What do I do with my Alert1 equipment if I cancel your service?

Alert1 provides your base unit at no cost as part of your service, but we retain ownership of this equipment. This saves you money since you are not required to purchase this costly equipment, but you must return the system to us if you cancel. However, in the event that you lose or damage our equipment, you will have to reimburse us $350 for the system.

What types of medical alert buttons are available?

You may choose between a medical alert pendant or wristband. We also offer a medical emergency button that can be wall mounted—perfect if you are worried that you or your loved one may not always wear the personal help button.

How useful is GPS with medical alert systems?

GPS is a satellite-based, location identification technology that can be found in some electronic products today. It's familiar to many of us from using car satellite navigation systems and smart phones.

However, despite the excitement around GPS technology, its use in senior alert devices is still in its infancy.  As a result, GPS-enabled devices may cause unexpected issues and consequences for their users.

What is fall detection technology?

While this technology seems promising in cases where an individual falls and loses consciousness before pressing the help button, there are some limitations and concerns around this technology that should be understood before asking seniors to use fall detection products. To learn more, click here

System Requirements & Operations Questions

What type of phone line do I need for my medical alert system?

Alert1 recommends that customers use standard landline phone service from a reputable national provider for their medical alarm system. While any phone line is subject to service interruptions and outages, landlines are the most reliable. WARNING: Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service may not be as reliable or consistent as a standard land line.

What is the range of the medical alert system? Will it work if I'm outside my home?

The range of the Alert1 device is 600 feet - nearly two football fields!  Learn more about the medical alarm system's range.  In the event you press your emergency button and the Alert1 operator cannot hear your voice, your emergency response instructions on file will be followed.

Who installs the Alert1 medical alarm system?

The Alert1 medical alarm system is easy to use and easy to install. No complicated procedures or specialized tools are needed. Once you receive your medical alarm equipment, simply plug the base unit into an electrical outlet and a telephone jack.

Other medical alert companies may charge a substantial installation fee to plug in their system. If you do require installation assistance, we're here to help. Just call us at 1-800-693-5433 and we will walk you through the process over the phone.

Who provides maintenance and is there a cost?

Alert1 is responsible for all service and repair of faulty equipment, as well as battery replacements. There is no extra cost for this. The medical alarm console and medical emergency buttons carry a complete lifetime replacement warranty.

What if I have DSL internet service?

It is important that you notify your Alert1 representative if you have DSL. We will provide a DSL filter at no charge.

Will my system work if someone is on the phone or the phone is off the hook?

Alert1, like all medical alert systems that plug into a standard phone line, relies on a working phone connection to transmit the emergency signal. Just as you cannot make or receive calls if one of your extensions in your home is off the hook, medical alert systems cannot send a signal if any of the home phones are off the hook or engaged.

To ensure the medical alert always works, the system can be configured one of three ways:

  1. Plug the most commonly used phone into the back of the Alert1 console and then disconnect other extensions in the home. If the one remaining phone that is plugged into the console is engaged or is knocked off the hook, Alert1 console can ‘seize the line’ if an emergency button is pushed, disconnect the extension, and transmit the emergency signal. 
  2. Have a phone line dedicated to the Alert1 console. Do not put any extensions on the line unless it is plugged into the Alert1 console.
  3. Hire a professional electrician to install a RJ31X jack. This device will ensure that the Alert1 console can disconnect any extension in the home in case of emergency.

Medical Monitoring Questions

Do you own your own monitoring centers?

Alert1 partners with multiple emergency monitoring centers located in the US. With multiple centers, Alert1 can keep providing emergency monitoring, even if one of the centers is closed by a natural or man-made diaster. Our monitoring centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified, which means they undergo a rigorous certification process each year and commit to quality standards plus random inspections by UL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

Does Alert1 provide monitoring service in languages other than English?

We provide customer service, support, and medical alert monitoring in most languages, including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, German, Korean, French, Italian and Portuguese. If you have questions about other languages, please call 1-866-581-4540.

Can you monitor more than one person at a single location? What does that cost?

Alert1 provides free medical alert monitoring service and a free additional emergency help button for a spouse or other additional person living in the same home as the subscriber.   

How will emergency medical personnel access my home if the door is locked?

Alert1 offers an emergency lock box that holds a key to your door. The lock box can be easily placed outside your home. In the event of an emergency, the Alert1 operator will give the combination to the lock box to local emergency medical personnel so that they can quickly access your home. Family and friends can also use the lock box to get a key to your home when necessary.

What if I move? Can the Alert1 medical alarm system go with me?

Yes. Alert1 provides medical alert service nationwide, so you can easily take the system with you anywhere in the U.S., whether you move permanently or between multiple residences. The Alert1 medical alarm system is very easy to unplug and reinstall. Simply notify us of your current location. You can change your address and responder information anytime and as many times as needed at no charge. (This is not recommended for changes of less than 2 weeks.) To update your information please visit My Account, or call customer support at 1-800-693-5433 M-F 8am-8pm, Sat 9:30am-6pm.

Can responder information be changed after an Alert1 medical alarm system is ordered?

Yes. Personal responder information can be changed anytime and as many times as needed at no charge.

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